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April 2017
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Sep 2011
All Academies and Free schools now included and marked.

Jan 2010
New list now available for emailing or posting: Schools with Sixth Forms.
These are the 11-18 secondaries + the 56 Sixth Form Colleges.



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Schools Mailserver

  Schools Mailserver ... Email-shots

We can send an email on your behalf to over 23,000 UK Schools.

We guarantee that you will get at least 23,000 delivered emails on the full UK list.

Email-shots - Prices - see price list

Our email addresses are the administrative email addresses of the school, as published on the LEA or School website.

We work by directing the email for the Attention of Headteacher, Head of Maths, Literacy Co-ordinator ... whoever; and we find this quite effective in reaching the school staff member you are most interested in.

For a simple letter-type email design, with maybe a couple of pictures, we will convert/create the email from your Word doc or whatever, at no extra charge.

Complex graphical layouts with tables & forms etc., will cost up to £65 extra; unless you provide us with a prepared html file.

Examples of emails sent out by Schools Mailserver recently can be seen on the Missed One? section of our website.

Email Settings
Before your email is sent we will ask you for decisions on the following email settings:
  1. From: name; Who is the email From: ? ... Your name or company name or both?
    e.g. John Smith    OR    Xyz Ltd    OR    John Smith - Xyz Ltd

  2. Subject: subject line
    We recommend a subject line such as:
    for Attention of Head of History ... New Henry VIII Syllabus
    We think it is very important to identify the member of school staff the email is intended for, in the subject line, as well as the usual indication of the subject of the message.

  3. Reply-Address:
    This email address is needed. Even if you dont instruct your reader to click on Reply, inevitably some will.


Our agreement :
By ordering an email-shot from us you are agreeing to our our Terms & Conditions

Sending Emails to Smaller Geographical Areas:
Our minimum charge for an email-send is £150 +vat. For this price we will send your email to your local County, LEA or even a couple of Regions.

For small areas it is likely to be more cost effective to take a 12 month licence on the email addresses in your area and send the emails yourself.  

Various subsets of our full UK database are available for instant online purchase & download from our e-Shop at:

See Price List for more details.

Contact Details for all UK schools:
You may also like to know that we maintain a website with contact details for all UK schools at:
You might find this useful when trying to contact schools who have responded to your mails.

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