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Dear Head of Design Technology

My name is Ravi – Sales Manager at one of the fastest growing 3D printing businesses in the UK.

In response to a government report on the use of 3D printers in schools, I hope to bring to your attention the products and services we can offer in order to enhance the learning experience of your students via the emergence of 3D printing technology.
Examples of the benefits 3D printing offers:

  • Design & technology/engineering
    • Prototyping
    • Modelling
    • Producing components
  • Science
    • Physics - Producing motors and components
    • Biology - Illustrating, cells, human organs and structures etc.
    • Chemistry – Creating atomic structures
  • Maths
    • Developing visualisation skills
    • E.g. investigate calculus, Pythagoras theorem, trigonometry by demonstrating tangible examples (e.g. a catapult)

(Source: GOV UK report - 3D printers in schools)

Despite only beginning operations in December 2013, we have quickly expanded to become one of the leading suppliers and retailers of desktop 3D printing appliances. Our portfolio of education clients includes primary schools and Academy groups, all the way up to leading academic research teams at University College London, Manchester Metropolitan University, Keele University and Lincoln University. We have several product lines available, and depending on your needs and budget we will endeavour to find the best package for your school.

We also stock 3D printing pens, which are possibly more suited to Art and DT departments. Using the same fundamental process of using plastic to create 3D objects, 3D pens put the control completely in the hands of the user. It can be used to draw in the air or on surfaces, tracing objects on paper and putting them together later. 

Please check out this video of the pen in action (user video)

Should you choose us as your 3D printing supplier, we offer full support and assistance if required. The machines we offer are virtually fully built and will only take a couple of hours to be fit for use. Full instructions are provided, as well as online videos to aid setup. A 1-year warranty service is standard on every product we sell so rest assured that in the rare event of any problem you are covered. Any problems should first be reported to us. Should we require extra expertise we forward problems to our dedicated support teams in Asia who will liaise with you to come to a quick resolution. Any spare parts needed will be shipped from our UK warehouse or direct from Asia should we not have stock.
Prices and services are fully negotiable depending on your requirements in regards to product choice and quantity. As mentioned previously we have many product options available and will work with you to create a bespoke package that will encompass your needs, budget and curriculum requirements.

To request more information about our products and services, or just to learn more about 3D printing in general, please do not hesitate to email me directly at ravi@ravtrading.com or give us a call on 0333 200 7196.

We hope you have found this email helpful and we look forward to bringing the 3D printing revolution to your school!

I look forward to your response,

Best Regards,
Ravi Toor

Sales Manager @ 3DPrintMegastore.com

3 Mayfair Way | Broad Lane | Bradford | BD48PW | United Kingdom