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March 2012South African author, Sara W Jones has launched her second publication “A Foundation for Life”, which provides children and teachers with a unique and uncomplicated methodology to achieving a positive perception of the world they live in.

In 2001, author Sara W Jones successfully introduced a teaching program that soon came to the attention and earned the praise of the Department of Education and Juvenile Detentions in South Africa. This program, called Return to Innocence, is now revised and presented in her second publication, A Foundation for Life.

Comments Sara W Jones: “I made a decision to formulate a number of principles that I had found important in my life after years of research and study of human behaviour - particularly relating to self-knowledge, self-worth and adolescent behaviour. In school, children should not only be taught job-related skills; but should also be taught the softer skills of communication and the influence it has on oneself and others.”

Aptly titled, this enlightening volume contains principles that empower children through understanding the basics of perception and the role it plays in interpersonal communication. The tool is divided into three phases – beginners, tweens, and teens – and is organized in a simple format which can be introduced to the age group six to eighteen year olds.

This program cannot be found anywhere else in the world; a book for educators and students, A Foundation for Life teaches how to reach a positive self-perception – making it a sturdy and much-needed foundation for life, indeed.

A Foundation for Life is available in multiple formats, which soon will include an interactive application through iTunes.

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About the Author
During her career in the film and event industry, the author used her spare time to focus on subjects covering basic psychology, leading to the publication “Return to Innocence.” In 2005, she was voted one of the top 100 Achieving Women in South Africa for the Return to Innocence Project and in 2006, was nominated for the Caltex Environmental Awards for the project. For the Boys, a further campaign was subsequently launched, providing the vehicle for teenage boys and young men to speak about abuse. The campaign assisted in the change of legislation in South Africa which allowed for boys/men to be charged with rape of other boys/men.

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