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‘Think Yourself Great!’
For children from Reception to Year 6

If you are looking for a successful PSHE & SMSC resource to improve your children’s mental health, resilience and well-being, which impacts positively on their learning, behaviour and relationships, then this is the programme for you!

Schools are finding their children love ‘Think Yourself Great!’ so much and respond so well, they are using it with different year groups day in, day out, year after year and it is having a very positive impact on their children, in the classroom and on the playground. Parents have noticed improvements at home too!

Our Mission Statement
‘ThinkYourself Great!’

‘Think Yourself Great!’ is a ten step programme committed to raising the self esteem and confidence of children, helping them to feel happier, learn better and build positive friendships and in so doing, impact positively on their mental health, achievements and behaviour.


‘Think Yourself Great!’ through the use of stories and the key messages contained within them, taps into a child's vibrant imagination helping them to make positive changes, both in and out of school.
With a step by step guide and minimal preparation ‘Think Yourself Great!’ is designed with busy staff in mind. The children work in groups of four, within a half hour session over ten weeks and focus on strategies to help them to:

  • take responsibility for their own actions
  • know the importance of what they want to achieve
  • use the power of their imagination
  • protect themselves from being upset by others
  • have respect for others
  • build up resilience especially when things are tough
  • choose to be happy
  • make the right choices
  • practice what they’ve learnt

Along with the story and key message, within each session the children work on Individual Achievements which relate directly to their issues in the classroom and playground and therefore have a maximum impact on the child, both in and out of class.

Think Yourself Great!’ is evidence based and an easy to write report provides clear evidence of progress made, for the purpose of Ofsted, Pupil Premium or other interested parties.

‘Think Yourself Great!’ with proven success over ten years, can benefit all children, but schools may initially want to target those who are experiencing difficulties with:

  • low confidence and self esteem
  • a poor self image
  • an inability to make or keep friendships
  • a negative attitude
  • being depressed or tired
  • focussing on work on concentration in class
  • being nervous when speaking in a group
  • participating in group activities
  • disruptive behaviour in class or on the playground
  • being new to the school
  • English as a second language
  • feeling they are being bullied
  • attention-seeking behaviour
  • being kind to others


What the Head Teachers say........

Absolutely delighted with the Programme - It’s been extremely positive and a great success in building the children’s confidence and improving their learning and behaviour. It helps them to take responsibility for their actions and teaches them resilience and the children absolutely love the stories and the messages.  ‘Think Yourself Great!’ plays a vital role in our PSHE & SMSC provision and it has supported and enhanced all our good practice, particularly in the area of improving mental health.
Patricia A. Deus. Head Teacher, The Trinity Catholic Primary School. Liverpool.

An excellent programme which is extremely well resourced. Ofsted observed a RQT deliver a session and found the children to be engaged, thoughtful and reflective. They could discuss the impact it was having on their attitude to learning and give examples. Ofsted May 2013. I cannot recommend it highly enough.
Ruth Frain. Head Teacher, St Cleopas Cof E Primary School. Liverpool.

We continue to use the ‘Think Yourself Great!’ programme...it has definitely helped develop our thinking and help shape the way we support our vulnerable pupils. It's been invaluable!
Ruth Town. Head Teacher, St Michael in the Hamlet Primary School. Liverpool.

It has worked really well for the last seven years in our school. The knock on effect has been remarkable and clearly to be seen. It helps the children with the moral choices they make and choosing the right path in life. I highly recommend this programme.
Phil Horne. Head Teacher, Smithdown Primary School. Liverpool.


What staff delivering the programme say........

All the children in the group have all benefitted and I have particularly noticed an improvement in a child who can sometimes be quite unkind. It has been helpful for children who are struggling to manage their behaviour and it has given us a shared vocabulary and framework to use throughout school.  
Julie Ramsden.   Classroom Assistant, Chalford Hill Primary School, Gloucester.

The programme has definitely improved the children’s self-esteem and confidence and has helped them to feel much more positive about themselves. It has also improved their listening skills and concentration. The teachers have noticed the children are more confident and are more willing to accept praise and praise others.
Dot Neale.    Classroom Assistant, Chalford Hill Primary School, Gloucester.

The children love ‘TYG’ and whenever they see me they ‘BEG’ me to take them. All the children gained confidence and an ‘elected mute’ started to speak! I have thoroughly enjoyed delivering such a well structured programme, knowing precisely what is expected each week.
Sr Ella.     Volunteer, St. Gregory’s Primary School, Oxford

The children have enjoyed the group a lot and it has had an impact on behaviour at break times and in lessons.  I absolutely love the programme and I think it’s the best resource I have seen and used in 13 years of mentoring. It’s ahead of its time!   
Janine Wilson.    Learning Mentor, Faith Primary School. Liverpool.

The children really love the programme. It is so easy to follow, set up and clear away and the key messages are a really good start to take forward to becoming great in the future. 
Debbie Hyland.    Home School Link, St Oswald’s Junior. Liverpool.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed it and just today one child who normally would go mad because someone had taken his boiled egg in breakfast club actually said 'it doesn’t matter..... ‘It’s ok’ Wow!! - I was so pleased with him.
Jacqueline Donghue.     Learning Mentor, The Beacon Primary School. Liverpool.

The ‘Think Yourself Great!’ group was very easy to run with little preparation prior to the sessions.  The children loved the sessions and I saw their confidence grow every week.  All the children and their teachers gave really good feedback.
Jan Ireland.     Parent Link Worker, Holy Family Primary School. Liverpool.

How it works in school

The children attend a half hour session each week with a staff facilitator for ten weeks, in groups of four, ideally from the same class or year group. The facilitator follows a step-by-step guide in the Facilitator’s Notes (full training materials are included in the pack). Three Achievements are created for each child directly relating to their reason for referral, therefore having maximum impact on the child both in and out of class. A report is compiled for each child as evidence of progress for Ofsted, Pupil Premium and other interested parties.

If after delivering ‘Think Yourself Great!’ for a full programme, as directed, you are not delighted with the improvements in your children’s learning, behaviour and relationships, you can return the programme and receive a full refund.

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As well as our 100% guarantee, on purchasing ‘Think Yourself Great!’ we promise to provide on-going support when needed by phone, email or an arranged visit to school and also free replacement materials, apart from the children’s booklets which are photocopiable.

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Take advantage of our Summer Term Offer!

Nearly 70% off listed price

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