allowing schools access to this extremely successful programme,
without funding being a barrier.

Are you looking to improve your children's learning and achievement?

Schools around the country are turning children around who are:                      

  • lacking in confidence or who have low self-esteem
  • finding it difficult to focus on their work in class and may distract others
  • having problems making and maintaining friendships

'Think Yourself Great!'
For Key Stages 1 & 2, Key Stage 3 and Special Schools
improving children, improving schools

‘Think Yourself Great!’ through the use of story taps into a child’s innate and vibrant
imagination helping them to make positive changes in their life.

Ten steps to helping children feel happier, learn better and make positive friendships.

  • through story, help your children easily remember positive PSHE principles.
  • enhance and turbo-charge all your good PSHE practice.
  • promote positive mental and emotional health.
  • improve confidence and self esteem.
  • introduce your children to strategies to improve their learning.
  • Improve behaviour in and out of class
  • provide a shared framework for PSHE language throughout school.
  • help your children build positive friendships.
  • high-light the importance of responsibility, resilience and respect.
  • promote the value of mindfulness and concentration.
  • introduce life skills and strategies for healthy living.
  • promote Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Values
  • promote British Values such as mutual respect and tolerance.
  • an enjoyable and easy programme to deliver, with busy staff in mind.
  • gives evidence of progress for Ofsted and Pupil Premium.

‘I think this is the best resource I have seen in my thirteen years of mentoring. I absolutely love this programme and so do the children.’  Janine Wilson. Learning Mentor, Faith Primary School. Liverpool.

‘We continue to use ‘Think Yourself Great!’ It has definitely helped develop our thinking and help shape the way we support our vulnerable pupils. It’s been invaluable!’

Ruth Town. Head Teacher, St Michael in the Hamlet Primary School. Liverpool.

‘An excellent programme which is extremely well resourced. Ofsted observed a RQT deliver a session and found the children to be engaged, thoughtful and reflective. They could discuss the impact it was having on their attitude to learning and give examples. Ofsted May 2013. I cannot recommend this programme highly enough.’
Ruth Frain. Head Teacher, St Cleopas C of E Primary School. Liverpool.

This programme is a fantastic way of helping the students find a positive attitude and having a positive outlook, not only in the classroom but in the real world too. It has really helped the children settle. The programme has made the students communicate with each other and this has had a calming effect with those who find it hard to express their thoughts and feelings. Overall the programme has been extremely useful and I would thoroughly recommend this. I have enjoyed seeing the pupils develop and mature each week.
Gary Berkley.   ACE. Sandfield Park. Linked to Alde Hey Children’s Hospital.Liverpool

The impact on the children during and after being on the programme has been quiteremarkable, particularly with those who suffer with complex emotional and mental health issues. It has had a positive impact on other areas of school life and at home. The children are contributing more in the sessions and forming relationships with others they would not normally connect with.
Hayley Atkinson. ACE Centre. Sandfield Park. Linked to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital

I found this programme to be an extremely positive experience with children who had low self-esteem and lacked confidence and it was particularly helpful for those pupils who found difficulty in the transition from primary school. Certain Year 8 children with specific problems also benefitted from the programme.
 Sr. Agnes. St. John Bosco Secondary School. Liverpool

How does it meet the children’s individual learning needs?


  • DIVERSITY – the programme embraces all the diversity of gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, or mental health issues.
  • INCLUSION – The programme is inclusive to all children, allowing them to participate irrespective of their ability, mental health and behaviour in Mainstream and Special Schools.

Take advantage of this special offer

Understanding that in this current climate funding in schools
can be an issue, I am reducing the cost of

‘Think Yourself Great!’
to £300 for each Key Stage
From the current cost of £1750 as shown on the web-site.

Training is included in the programme.
For more information and to listen to staff and children using the programme

visit: www.thinkyourselfgreat.com

To order ‘Think Yourself Great!’ simply email me on:


giving your school details and stating which Key Stages you would like.

Please find attached documents:
Info flyer 1
Info flyer 2
Ofsted framework

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