'Think Yourself Great!'

10 steps helping children feel happier, learn better and
make positive friendships

For Reception, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2


Dear Head Teachers, PSHE Coordinators and Learning Mentors,

'Think Yourself Great!' can benefit all children, but especially those who are experiencing difficulty with:

  • low confidence or self esteem
  • a poor self image
  • an inability to make or keep friendships
  • a negative attitude
  • being depressed or tired
  • focusing on work or concentrate in class
  • being nervous when speaking in a group
  • participating in group activities
  • behaviour in class or on the yard
  • being new to the school
  • English as their second language
  • feeling they are being bullied
  • attention-seeking behaviour
  • being kind to others
  • having respect for each other

Below is feedback from schools using 'Think Yourself Great!'

'Absolutely delighted with the Programme! - It's been extremely positive and a great success in building the children's confidence and improving behaviour. I would highly recommend it to other schools' P.A.Deus, Head Teacher, The Trinity Catholic Primary School.

'It has worked really well for the last seven years in our school. The knock on effect has been remarkable and clearly to be seen. It helps the children with moral choices and choosing the right path in life. I can highly recommend this programme’. P. Horne, Deputy Head and Y6 Teacher, Smithdown Primary School.

'It has really been of benefit to the Year 6 children in our school. They come back to class invigorated and as a result their levels increased'. D. Coburn Y6 Teacher, The Trinity Catholic Primary School


In the past 'Think Yourself Great' has been delivered only by outside Facilitators coming into school, at a cost of £1,100 for one eleven week programme.

Schools now have the amazing opportunity to purchase ‘Think Yourself Great!’ and have their own staff deliver the programme, at the much reduced cost of £395 for Reception, KS1 & KS2 Programmes (Free P&P in the UK)

Full Training DVD and on-going support included.


Below is feedback from schools who have taken the option of buying the programme:'
This is the best resource I've seen and used in my thirteen years of mentoring - it has had an impact on behaviour at break times and in lessons. I have presented it on my University Course as an example of good practice.’ Janine Wilson, Learning Mentor, Faith Primary School

I’ve been delivering it to twelve groups per week and the children love it! It is so easy to follow, set up and clear away and the Key Messages are really good. Debbie Hyland, Home School Link, St Oswald’s Junior School

The ‘Think Yourself Great!’ group was very easy to run with little preparation prior to the sessions. The children loved the sessions and I saw their confidence grow every week. All the children gave really good feedback. Jan Ireland, Parent Link Work Worker, Holy Family Primary School



On purchasing ‘Think Yourself Great!’ you will also receive:

BONUS ONE  Redress the Stress
A Whole School Approach to Emotional Health and Well Being for Foundation Stage, KS1, KS2 and also for Teachers and Assistants

We use Redress the Stress every day after lunch and notice the difference if we don't. I have used this with over two hundred children and they all enjoyed and benefitted from it, even the children with ADHD.' Dawn Van-Alwon, Manager at The Primary Learning Centre, St Hugh’s

For more information visit: www.redressthestress.co.uk


BONUS TWO  'The A-H of Achievement' (for Staff Development)
How to make every task you want to do,easy, achievable and even enjoyable!

Redress the Stress and The A-H of Achievement are excellent resources to use at
staff meetings or for in-service training on Staff Development


No risk to your school!
100% Money back Guarantee
if you are not delighted after using 'Think Yourself Great!' as directed.

TO RAISE AN ORDER send your school details via the ‘Contacts Page’ on the
web-site below and you will receive an invoice and the programmes a.s.a.p.

or by email at the address below

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