FAO: Deputy Head Pastoral / Student Services


I am writing from Addiction Helper, the UK’s largest addictions help and treatment organisation.

I am trying to help as many students and young people as I can to understand alcohol and drug misuse, particularly as the new term is here and also as we move towards Christmas and New Year.

Our main aim is to:
     • educate young people on the dangers of alcohol and drug misuse
     • provide info on how drugs and alcohol affect them
     • inform students what long-term drug use can do to them
     • offer ways to get help and advice if they think they or a friend have an issue

We have a specialist student section on our website at: http://www.addictionhelper.com/students/

The site also provides information on a variety of topics with a Q&A, confidential helpline telephone number & email, as well as articles, hints and tips on peer pressure, how cope with being offered alcohol and drugs at school, college and University, what to do if they take alcohol and/or drugs and start to feel unwell. We also have an A to Z of drugs (illegal and legal) and what they do.

We are the UK’s leading alcohol and drug misuse treatment organisation and provide information and help to tens of thousands of people every month.

We are impartial in our advice and don’t condone any one particular route to recovery such as clinical, peer-led or religious, but rather we offer advice that suits any student’s problem and offer tailored advice - we are all graduates here at Addiction Helper, so know what student life is like.

I would be very grateful if you could spread awareness of our website among your students and welcome linking to our website from yours, as it’s a great resource for all students. If you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me: james@addictionhelper.com or telephone for a chat on 0141 321 9191.

Again, the student section on our website is at: http://www.addictionhelper.com/students/

Very warm wishes
James McInally

Addiction Treatment LTD, Langley House, Park Road, London, N2 8EY