Dear Teacher

Imagine the CoverWith 17 topics to read and talk about, my book, Imagine the Cover, provides your citizenship class with a very valuable resource. In easy, short-read sections, Imagine the Cover engages teens on issues in their lives such as smoking, television, leaving home, career choices, drugs, alcohol and many more topics.

My book is neither stuffy nor conventional. Chapter 1, which takes only 15 minutes to read, challenges teens to stop wasting huge amounts of time in front of televisions and computers. The challenge is dynamic, yet tangential; read and see!

Chapter 2 follows up by arguing for maximum activity and creativity in youth. Imagine the Cover strongly promotes the discovery and actualization of each young person's talents. The book is pro-democracy, pro freedom of expression, pro personal responsibility. Although favoring marriage and parenting, Imagine the Cover fully recognizes and endorses the right to freedom of sexual orientation. Imagine the Cover is also about love of and for parents.

Personalized, polemical and productive of discussion, Imagine the Cover is a powerful catalyst for lively, worthwhile, in-depth classroom debate. I believe my book would be an excellent resource for your citizenship classes. It is available on both UK Amazon and US Amazon .

Best regards

Andrew Philp

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