Visual + Aural + Kinaesthetic

 Hands-On Activities for

 All Key Stages & Abilities

Our series of hands -on cross curricular activities empowers learners with the key skills of a modern workforce;

The ability to think creatively, work collaboratively, problem solve imaginatively and persevere resiliently

Imagine a way to raise learner

standards, improve development, critical

thinking and self esteem, and let students

enjoy an activity they will remember for the

rest of their educational life!


Research in the USA suggests that hands-on,

experiential learning leads to higher test

scores and lower behavioural issues, which

has led to an increase in STEM & STEAM

In all workshops, from EYFS to Yr 6, pupils

are engaged individually, in groups and

altogether to construct

amazing structures in your school hall

 History Workshops

  Egyptians;  Greeks;Mayans; Prehistory; Romans; Saxons; Tudors; Victorians; Vikings WW2;  

Humanity Workshops

Christian Cathedral; Empire Windrush; Indian Taj Mahal; Islamic Dome of The Rock

STEM workshops

  Fairgrounds; Ferris Wheel; Helter Skelter; Rollercoaster  Geodesic Structures; Millennium Bridges; Millennium Dome; Octas; Tetra

STEAM workshops

Bridges, Maths & Design; Habitats & Shelters; Mega Maths Structures; Olympic Sculptures; Skyscrapers

We come to your school with all necessary materials. Structures are dismantled as part of the workshop experience, so lunchtime is not affected. Activities run for 60, 90 or 120 minutes, depending workshop chosen.

All presenters have enhanced DBS checks

 £420 Full Day (5-6 hrs) £300 Half Day 

September/ December / January / April / May Bookings Are Discounted By £70
All Other Months Discounted By £50 (Full Days) If Booked by 07.09.20  

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March 15th - 19th 2021

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