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Autism Awareness Centre and
autism west.midlands 5th Annual Conference

May 20 & 21, 2010 Birmingham, UK

Ramada Hotel & Resort
Penns Lane, Walmley, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands
Birmingham, UK


Autism Awareness Centre conference speaker, Marc Serruys

Thursday, May 20
9:45 am—3:30 pm
Marc Serruys

Author of "Aan de rand in het midden" ("At the Edge in the Middle")

Autism and Vulnerability

This lecture emphasizes the vulnerability and the long lasting effects of ‘losing the balance’. Even in a caring environment, persons with autism may get hurt in an (invisible) emotional way and in a sense that their understanding, their ‘meaning’ of the world seems to deteriorate.

  • How can we detect the ‘scars’ of those people who are scared to go on?
  • What kind of behavior may be a signal that someone is hurt?
  • What are the basic principles in supporting and caring? 

Thursday, May 20
3:30 pm—4:30 pm
David Ariss

My Life With Autism

David Ariss, a man in his early forties, was diagnosed as having an autistic spectrum disorder during his late teens. He currently resides in Coventry (although he would like to move to Birmingham) and has a support package that entitles him to one hour of support per day. Because of a lack of understanding of his condition within the community, he frequently gets into scrapes involving the local police force and on more than one occasion has spent time in either a holding cell or in an assessment unit. David has been known to self medicate through alcohol, which at times has had disastrous results. He has been known to self harm to such an extent that he requires hospitalisation. David will give a personal perspective which demonstrates the vulnerability of the autism spectrum.



Friday, May 21
9:45 am—4:30 pm
Paula Aquilla

Co-author of "Building Bridges Through Sensory Integration"

The Role of Sensory Processing in Learning, Behaviour and Activities of Daily Life

This course will provide participants with basic neurology to understand and appreciate the process of making sense of sensory information. Each sense will be discussed from the receptors to the central nervous system. Understanding the neurology behind sensory processing can support understanding of this process that we do every moment of every day.

Participants will learn how to identify the behavioural and autonomic nervous system signs of a nervous system in a regulated and deregulated state.

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