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Birmingham, UK - May 12 & 13, 2011

Ramada Hotel & Resort
Penns Lane, Walmley, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands

Gary Mesibov

Thursday, May 12
Gary Mesibov

Structured Teaching—TEACCH

Founded by Eric Schopler 45 years ago, TEACCH has developed strategies that have served people with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) of all ages and all levels of functioning all over the world. Called Structured Teaching, the strategies and approaches are based on understanding the neurological differences that research has identified in people with ASD and then adjusting educational, self-help, and community-based activities so that these activities are taught in ways that more closely match their learning styles than other approaches used today.

The presentation will describe some of the learning differences that have been identified in people with ASD and show how these can be accommodated by making appropriate adaptations in how educational strategies and approaches are created and delivered


Dr. Peter Gerhardt

Friday, May 13
Dr. Peter Gerhardt

Transition Planning at Any Age

Today, professionals, families and learners with Autism Spectrum Disorder are beginning to redefine the outcomes of the transition process beyond simple job placement to focus on career development and measures of personal competence and life satisfaction. To this end, this presentation will provide an overview and practical suggestions for transition planning AT ANY AGE in support of desirable employment outcomes for individuals on the autism spectrum. Topics covered include assessment, community based training, employment development, job-related social skills and concerns about quality of life.


Danny Beath

Friday, May 13
Danny Beath

Autism: A Positive Force in My Career

Danny Beath, a man with autism, is a national/international award-winning photographer. Educated at 16 different UK schools including 3 boarding schools, he studied horticulture in college, botany in university, and received a Ph.D. in Tropical Ecology. Danny has done fieldwork in the rain forests of Africa and the Neotropics where he specialized in pollination biology.

Danny will speak about self-esteem and how he has used his autism as a positive force in his chosen career of photography. His powers of observation, patience, and obsession have put him at the top of his profession. Danny’s obsession with perfection has driven him to
produce perfect works of art that are of a higher standard than normal.


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