High Quality School Storage Buildings,
Garages and Workshops individually designed to fit your Site

Here are some popular designs from our range.
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Secure Storage building size 6.2m x 3.1m with a double security door, condensation proofing in olive green.

Price £3,800 + VAT

Triple Garage Machinery building size 10m x 6m x 2.9m with a single security door, 3 roller shutter doors, 6 full length skylights and condensation proofing in olive green.

Price £7,309 + VAT

Double Garage with workshop area size 5m x 7m x 2.6m with a single security door, large roller shutter door, 2 full length skylights and condensation proofing in Terracotta.

Price £4,954 + VAT

Large sports equipment storage building size 10m x 10m x 5m with a single security door, 4.2m high roller shutter door and condensation proofing in Goosewing Grey.

Price £13,820 + VAT

These cold rolled steel buildings are manufactured in the UK to British standards. Bolted construction is used throughout and the wall and roof sheets are screwed to the frame. The components are galavanised so they won’t rust and condensation proofing is used on the roof (optional on the walls) to stop dripping.

Insulation panels can be included and the buildings when complete are very strong and secure.

A large range of building options are available, including lean to extensions, windows, skylights, insulation, roller and sliding doors etc. Help with planning permission is included and a complete set of plans covering the footings required and the building specification are provided with each order, or can be purchased in advance.

Please ask for Laurence Osborne M.D.
Tel: 01753 648484 or 07778 651876
email: info@autobuildltd.co.uk

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