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Attention Head Teachers and Staff

At BESD Solutions we believe that children should be happy, safe and successful learners no matter what issues arise for them whilst they are growing up. We support schools, teachers, parents and the children in building positive working and caring relationships so that children can achieve the best they can. With this in mind, and understanding the expectations of the Government and Ofsted, BESD Solutions can provide specialist training and advice for the adults working around the child in order to achieve a happy and successful learning environment.

Upcoming events:

3rd Oct: Intro to ASD and Inclusion strategies. (Ox)

3rd Oct: 
Positive Classroom Management (Ox)

A short synopsis of what we can provide is below:

Support for Schools

  • Auditing and reviewing current policy and procedures in terms of behaviour and safety and supporting schools with implementing change.
  • Whole school/Individual observation of teaching and learning and how Behaviour for learning affects pupil performance.
  • Lead insets in relation to behaviour for learning, classroom management, ASD from education prospective, etc.
  • Support and train playground staff and play time audit.
  • Evaluate individual pupils in regards to BESD need and/or support school in planning for further support. Support in identifying referral to appropriate professional.

Support for Teachers and support staff, children and parents

  • Training courses related to Behaviour for learning, classroom management, and ASD. Either whole day, half day or twilight.
  • Observation and feedback on work performance in relation to above. Including advice on strategies.
  • Support with individual Behaviour support plans.
  • Specialist training and support of adults working with children with specific needs.
  • Peer Mediation training and program for children and school.
  • Twilight training for Parents on Behaviour strategies and setting up the home for good behaviour.


Paul MacDonald is an outstanding practitioner whose 17 years in education have been spent teaching in classrooms across Australia, Spain and England. Including work as a PRU teacher and Outreach Worker in Buckinghamshire; as an Advisory ASD specialist Teacher in Tower Hamlets; and as Behaviour and Safety Advisory support in mainstream and specialist provision. He has years of experience leading insets and specialist training in PSHE, Behaviour and ASD.

What others think!

“I thought your ASD support was brilliant, I particularly liked all your practical ideas … Year 2 and I are raring to go and put everything into practice. Will e-mail a photo of her ASD friendly classroom!”

SENCO/Asst Headteacher
St Peter’s London Docks Primary School

“Paul has been fantastic in his breadth of knowledge and the advice he offers, including for parents. An extremely high calibre practitioner.”

SENCO from Tower Hamlets

“Paul’s classroom teaching has been consistently outstanding and this was clarified by the most recently Ofsted inspection in January 2013 where he was formally observed by an inspector. Paul’s planning and pupil pen profiles were deemed as some of the best the inspector had ever seen, as was his partnership working with the Learning Support Assistant.”

Executive Head Teacher
Buckinghamshire Primary PRU’s

Autumn Term Focus

Support and specialist training programs for NQT’s or those staff requiring behaviour management support and strategies. Including inclusion of SEN children and planning for these children.

If you are interested in any of the above or have any queries or requests please email

We will cater to your school, staff member, or child’s specific needs.

We can also provide Resources that have been successfully utilised in classroom situations.

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BESD Solutions are very keen to cater for the needs of your school and aim to provide the specialist training and consultancy that is required! So please give us your ideas.

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