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English Teaching Sequence Subscriptions
(downloadable teaching sequences for Yr 1 and 2, Yr 3 and 4 and Yr 5 and 6)

What are teaching sequences?
Teaching sequences are a way of combining a group of objectives into a cohesive pathway of learning that culminates in a significant piece of writing. They are specifically designed to develop familiarity with some of the best children’s literature and to use this as models for writing. They involve speaking and listening activities, reading and writing and they allow time for children to practise and consolidate learning.

What is included in a teaching sequence?

The sequences include:

  • A medium term plan using objectives from the new National Curriculum
  • A suggested text
  • Talk for writing strategies:
    – Imitate, innovate, invent
    – Learning and remembering texts, book talk, writer talk, mingling with the text and boxing up
  • Contextual grammar sessions

How many teaching sequences will we get?

Teaching sequences have been written for each Key Stage: KS1, Lower KS2 and Upper KS2. The sequences cover fiction, non-fiction and poetry. It is an annual subscription which will include new teaching sequences each year. There are 22 sequences for KS1, 17 for Lower KS2 and 22 for Upper KS2. The titles of the texts used in each sequence can be seen at

To subscribe please visit:


Schools with more than 100 pupils £150 + VAT
Schools with fewer than 100 pupils £100 + VAT
Individual teachers can purchase the sequences for a single Key Stage at £55 (VAT is included)

To support the most effective use of teaching sequences we are offering training in ‘Making the Most of Teaching Sequences’. Visit our courses page for details at

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