Maths after school support in a virtual classroom.

Lets face it student often struggle and become frustrated with maths homework or trying to attend revision sessions at school. We all need support but with fewer maths teachers, more supply, and after school meetings its difficult giving students the specialist support they need. Even parents become increasingly frustrated.

That’s where we at can help. We are a specialist provider delivering online support after school and into the evenings. Its like extending the school day, and all our sessions are delivered by qualified and CRB enhanced specialist maths teachers. We offer:

  • Homework assistance
  • Revision sessions
  • Delivery of lessons
  • Examination preparation
  • Targeted sessions

We provide all the support needed to help your students improve their numeracy and mathematical skills: all online in a virtual classroom. Our service can also be an ideal solution to support distant learners like students at home or adults as part of the specialist schools community plan.

How it works
In our discussions we agree with the school a regular time and day to delivery the online sessions. A minimum of 1hr per week is recommended. We also decide what level of service we are to provide. (Lessons/homework/revision/KS3/4/5).  Students at home login to the school e-portal and follow the link to the virtual classroom. If there is no school e-portal, the IT manager can mail blast the link to all student individual accounts. Even if the student cannot pickup the link from within school, they can visit our site and chat with us and our live operator will direct them to the virtual room to join a live session.

Students who can access the school network from home follow the link (usually placed in the maths area) and join in a session. Sessions can hold up to 20 students and they can join or leave as they want. If its homework help they might only visit for a few moments so the teacher can help them.

No specialist equipment is needed, but the computer the students use must be less than 4 years old and have sound. If they also have a microphone they will be able to speak with the teacher directly, and all other students will also hear the conversation. Some assessment is possible using polling systems, and the results can be saved and downloaded. Sessions can be recorded, saved and downloaded to the school to be used as part of its e-learning portfolio. Building a bank of maths resources accessible to all students. Service costs would need to be discussed in detail but here are the basic costs.


Hours per week

Cost per hour

1 hr

2 hrs

3 hrs




Please contact us should you believe students would benefit from this online service. Book a live demonstration now, email or visit our site and chat with us online.

Alan C (Director: School Support), 2 Huzzard Close, Walkington, Beverley, East Yorkshire, HU17 8YG