Dear Headteacher

Introducing Card Vase and Card Pot…… the exciting and new educational activity for the classroom!!

Blooming Simple are the creators of the innovative flat packed Card Vase and Card Pot. The vase/pot comes in 2 parts that includes the main body of the vase, with a plastic inner lining which makes it water tight, and a base for extra stability. The card/pot can hold a bouquet of flowers or plant pot, plus a reservoir of water.


The vase or pot provides a new educational project that allows pupils to create their own individual vase/pot for any occasion. Using our plain white Card Vase or Card Pot children can:

  • Decorate the vase/pot in their own style or in a classroom theme or subject
     - History
     - Science
     - Sports
     - any classroom related theme or activity
  • Use paint, colouring pens, crayons, glitter or any other kind of decoration
  • Create designs for any season or occasion
     - Christmas
     - Easter
     - Mother’s Day
     - Father’s Day
     - the opportunities are endless!!
  • Provide a project for the class, acting as a gift for a family member or friend or brighten up a parents evening and other school based events
  • The Card Pot could be used for any take home, seed growing projects


Tim Baker, Headteacher at Charlton Manor Primary School, says, ’the vases have really inspired our pupils to create fun and exciting designs for different occasions. They have also had a go at making their own vases which has involved evaluating and improving their designs. It has really sparked their imagination. It’s great that something so simple can involve so many areas of the curriculum.’


With every product we supply to the education sector, Blooming Simple will donate 5p to the Demelza Hospice Care for Children. Demelza provide a needs led specialist care service to children and young people who are unlikely to reach adulthood. For more information on Demelza please visit

The Card Vase - £0.99 per vase (minimum order 30pcs)
The Card Pot - £0.75 per pot (minimum order 30pcs)

Prices are exclusive of VAT and delivery

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