Border Moves

African - Asian - Brazilian - Caribbean
Dance and Percussion in schools

Border Moves is a group of experienced professional teachers/artists based in the North West.  Now in our 10th year we continue to bring stimulating, inspiring music and dance workshops to both primary and secondary schools throughout the UK.  We teach dance and percussion from Africa, Brazil, the Caribbean and South Asia. We have a particular interest in exploring the relationships between different art forms and the links between traditional and contemporary styles.

We aim to help children recognize and develop their artistic creativity and to develop skills that can be transferred to other areas of their lives i.e. language skills, physical co-ordination, observational and social skills. Our workshops are relevant to the criteria set out for the national curriculum in music, dance and citizenship (raising awareness and developing appreciation of other cultures). We have built up an excellent reputation over the past 9 years and are always happy to pass on names and numbers of head teachers for references if required. We appreciate that budgets are tight and charge 30% less than our leading competitors whilst paying our artists a fairer rate.

The Olympic Games are fast approaching!  Why not plan your own opening /closing ceremony?  After a day of percussion and dance workshops your children will be able to show off their newly discovered talents in a performance of world rhythms and dances. If you prefer we can tailor the day to just 1 theme/continent.  We can perform either indoors or (on sunny days!)  outdoors .  Arty-crafty teachers could busy their children preparing simple costumes/accessories to further enhance the experience.  Why not invite parents and show them what their children are capable of achieving in just 1 day!
COST FOR A FULL DAY IN SCHOOL with 2 artists in attendance: Manchester £455 – North West £475- Further afield from £485     (North West rates include travel costs)

COST FOR A FULL DAY IN SCHOOL with 1 artist in attendance: £240 plus travel costs

For further information or to book a workshop please contact Helen 07765 774936 / 0161 865 7093   or email me at

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Helen Reilly
Border Moves Limited
79 Milton Rd, Stretford, Manchester, M32 0TG

Rome Mosabbir is a percussionist based in Manchester. He has always been interested in education, social and community matters.
His main areas of study are Afro-Cuban, Afro-Brazilian, African and Indian drumming and music. Rome has studied his art in Bangladesh and Cuba.
He has acquired many professionally recognized qualifications in his field such as the ‘Roots of Cuba’ and the ‘Roots of Brazil’ taught by contemporary master drummers, Ravi of One Voice Music and Dudu Tucci.
He leads workshops in many educational settings ranging from primary to secondary and colleges. In addition he provides sensitive tuition in special needs schools. He is also the musical director of Brinnington Arts and Music.
His basic philosophy is inclusion and enabling others to experience the wonderful world of drumming and music.
Furthermore he is a member of ‘Beggar Joe’ a five-piece soul-folk-blues band who have released a chart topping album which has lead to a tour of Europe and sellout concerts in Germany, France and Switzerland.

Adeela Baig is a Performing Arts graduate who has been teaching dance for almost ten years but dancing since the time she could walk! She was born and raised in Moss Side in Manchester in a very multi-cultural community. Adeela teaches a plethora of styles including West African, Caribbean, Salsa, Merenge as well as a variety of South East Asian dance styles. She has acted and danced in many stage productions and has been fortunate enough to be a backing dancer to many South Asian bands as well as urban contemporary bands and artists such as Blue, Sugar Babes and Wyclef Jean. She has assisted in the choreography of 3 Bollywood films. She is of Pakistani and Indian cultural heritage so Bollywood and Bhangra dance is in her blood.
However it is teaching, especially children that she finds the most rewarding. Adeela has taught thousands of children in both Primary and Secondary schools. She has an excellent rapport with children and teaches in a fun and inspirational style, which facilitates creativity within the workshop.