Registered Charity No: 1002064

12 Eliot Vale

To: The Head of English

The writing and appreciation of poetry can be a tough nut to crack with pupils these days. The ‘Haiku Kit’ (available as a free download) is a valuable tool to stimulate creativity in this area.

The British Haiku Society is a registered charity whose purpose is to advance, through public education, the promotion, appreciation and the writing of haiku and other short form verse in the English language.

The ‘Haiku Kit’ contains resources for pupils to enable them to develop an appreciation of poetry through the reading and writing of haiku. It offers guidance on how these resources may be used at Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4. The ‘Haiku Kit’ is adaptable and we think it can be used with the full range of ability levels through different points in a child’s school life.

The ‘Haiku Kit’ is available for free from our website:

Just click on ‘free school download’

We hope you will take a look and try it out.

If you do use the ‘Haiku Kit’ we would be very pleased to hear about the work that followed from the activities suggested.

You can contact us at:


Graham High (President)

After the funeral
we continue to tell
Great-grandmother’s stories

(Carla Todi  11)

The moon loses
her figure when she jumps
into the lagoon

(Araceli Gracida  12)