Do you suffer from slow or unreliable Internet?

We’re willing to bet that at some point in the last month you’ve lost your Internet connection, that it hasn’t worked as quickly as you wanted it to, or that it hasn’t let you download or use something you really needed.

Imagine what you could achieve if your school’s connection always worked, and if it worked quicker and more reliably. The interactive whiteboard would always work, and no teacher would have to worry about planning a lesson that relied on online access. The children could any service they needed, at any time of day.

This isn’t a sales pitch that’s about to tell you that you can have all this if you just find a spare few thousand pounds lying about the staffroom and pay for fibre optic cable installation. It is a sales pitch, but please hang on and give us a chance because it’s actually a really good one.

Our service essentially makes use of multiple broadband links all joined together to give you a mucher faster connection. Should one fail, your Internet connection will continue running.

Imagine life with always-on Internet with no bandwidth limits.

We’re working with schools across the country to offer a service called bonded broadband (hence where our name broadbond comes from). This involves fitting your school with a couple of extra telephone lines and a box that’s about the size of a pencil case. It costs around £300 to set up, plus between £80 and £90 per month for our fully managed broadband service, and it doesn’t cause any disruption to either set up or run.Once it’s up and running, you’ll have an internet connection that will work faster, work better and be more resilient - all day every day.

We know that this sounds far too good to be true, and we know that it’s good to have some reassurance when you’re spending precious funds from your budget, so we’re happy to give you your money back if you decide to go ahead and it doesn’t work out. We’re sure that this won’t happen, because we pioneered the technology and have spent years perfecting the service for businesses across the world, but we’re offering it to you all the same.

If you want to know more about how the service works, or read about how Aiglon College have benefited from their Broadbond connection, visit our website. Or, if you want to get things moving, why not give us a call on

0845 450 8779

and have a chat with us about how we can help you?

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