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Dear Headteacher,

A new tool has arrived on the education market called Bugscore 360.

What does it do?
It allows you to track overall quality on your students and teachers in real-time, across all departments! This is done via a rating portal where scores are given between students and teachers in a discreet, private manner.

Does it make my students and teachers better?
Yes! Not only does it ensure better academic and teaching performance but it contributes to the overall personality development of an individual. It also serves to reduce bullying, a major problem in schools.

Is it expensive?

For an average primary/secondary school with 1,000 students, teachers and ground staff, the tool costs less than 250/month. No software installation required - all web-based!

Please visit www.bugscore360.com/academia for more information and contact us for an initial intro.

Kind regards,

The Bugscore 360 Team
Web: www.bugscore360.com
Email: management@bugscore.com

Neuchatel Ltd. Berkeley Square House, London, W1J 6BD











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