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5 Fatal Mistakes When Buying CCTV

Paying a Premium Price for a Budget CCTV System
As an Independent Consultant I recently advised a well known high street chain and discovered that they had paid the right price for quality CCTV systems but had installed over 40 systems that failed on all of the following points and had been sold equipment that should have cost half the amount.
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Putting Your Trust in a Local or Nationally Known CCTV Installation Company
The police have stated that 80% of CCTV cameras are not fit for purpose. Over 90% of CCTV systems are illegal under the DPA. The vast majority of these were installed by "professional installation companies". You may believe that your local or nationally known company is good and to be trusted. So did most organisations that wasted their money on badly designed CCTV.
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Choosing the Wrong Lens
If you or your installation company choose the wrong lens and there is an 80% chance the Police will not be able to use your pictures in court.
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Choosing the Wrong DVR
Installing a DVR with too low a resolution again means that your system will be of little use in a Police prosecution.
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Installing an Illegal System
Install a system that does not comply with the Data Protection Act (DPA) and it could result in a £50,000 fine / criminal record, unlimited civil damages and CCTV evidence that is challenged in court.
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