This is not an advertisement....
nor are we selling anything....

We are.... is a brand new organisation created by like minded, forward thinking parents, who want to spread their success nationally to every school, college & university. Through our site we wil be raising lots of funds for individual schools, teachers & PTA's to spend on absolutely anything you want to. From school trips to new equipment.

Our objective is very simple.

We want to raise as much money as we can per month for schools across the UK. Simple registration process. Every school & LEA listed.

Here's how it works....
Schools run an incentive for pupils to donate there old & unwanted CD's, DVD's or Games. You get paid 30p per item & receive your cheque within 7-10 days.
We then sell the items via an online Amazon storefront. Any extra money made from sales goes towards monthly prizes!!!!

Promotional Posters & Support

We have deigned 4 types of posters to suit each demographic. Primary, Secondary College & University. We also have a generic Donation Dustbin poster for all ages. All posters are A4 in size, in PDF format & are available in colour or black & white.

We are here to support each school & their PTA so we have an extensive 'Frequently asked questions' section for you. Listing all the questions you may have.

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Every month we have amazing prizes for your school & pupils to win

...... plus extra incentives for you to win above & beyond getting paid for each item you collect. You can use these prizes (which range from an i-pod to a state of the art i-pad) as incentives for students & teachers alike. We also have a National Music Award for national winners. Which is for Outstanding contribution in music & comes with a £100 HMV voucher for the proud recipient.

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We are proud business partners of
Amazon & DHL

We have secured the services of Amazon The UK's largest fulfilment company. They pick, pack & post all items on our behalf. They have 15 Million unique visitors to their site every month wanting to buy media products.

Every month we will collect your items for FREE via DHL worldwide express deliveries. We will email you with a time & date to suit you. A simple easy & seemless process so schools don't have to worry about logistics.

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Without the teachers, parents, PTA's & of course the students

.... this incentive would not be a success. With the new school term now upon us, you can start collecting today. and you will have a nice big cheque to look forward to.

....... what a great start to the new school year!

Getting started couldn't be easier! Simply register your school today, print off as many posters as you need, inform students to bring in items from tomorrow & we will collect them at the end of each calendar month!!

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Thankyou from all the parents & helpers at
289 Northenden Road, Sale, Cheshire, M33 2JH.