Training to Raise Attainment for EAL and EMA Learners

Please identify which of the following courses you would like more details about and contact us on 020 7527 5899 or e-mail You can visit our website to download course flyers or be part of our community,

  • Master's Level Ethnic Minority Achievement Course - accredited by Greenwich University
  • Online Ethnic Minority Achievement Course - accredited by Greenwich University at Level 5
  • Managing Ethnic Minority Achievement (4 days) - 6th, 20th Oct, 10th and 21st Nov 11
  • Conference: 'Global Education and Linking' - 7th Oct 11
  • Training for Teaching Assistants - 10th Oct 11
  • Fast Track Literacy - 21st Oct 11
  • Promoting Equality and Community Cohesion in schools - 2nd Nov 11
  • Supporting Beginner Learners of English as an Additional Language Across the Curriculum (2 days) - 4th and 11th Nov 11
  • PALLS - Peer Academic Leaders and Learners (2 half days) - 14th and 25th Nov 11
  • Developing Academic Language at Post 16 (2 half days) - 17th Nov and 8th Dec 11
  • Developing Sustained Reading - 29th Nov 11
  • African Caribbean Achievement - 2nd Dec 11


(September 2011)

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Master's Level Ethnic Minority Achievement Course 'Meeting the Needs of Ethnic Minority Students Across the Curriculum'
Do you need to develop expertise to lead in this area?
This course will empower you to develop a strategic overview and enable you to lead in this area. It will explore and develop expertise in all the key areas for managing in this field, including cognitive and linguistic development, issues of language, race, culture, gender, and inclusion, good classroom practice, Ofsted recommendations and developing whole school policies, practice and influence.

Every Tuesday, starting on 20th Sept 2011 - places still available

Online Ethnic Minority Achievement Course 'Getting EMA Right' - accredited by Greenwich University at Level 5
Are you interested in knowing more about EMA?
This modular course covers:
- The big picture, from data to actions
- Bilingualism, language development and planning for bilingual learners
- Community liaison and empowering parents
- Equalities
- Achievement for pupils of African Caribbean heritage
- Refugees and Asylum Seekers
- Gypsy, Roma and Traveller achievement
- Early years and equality and diversity for young children

On the 16th of every month

Managing Ethnic Minority Achievement 'Developing the Role of the EMA Coordinator' - (4 day course)
Do you line manage EMA or are you an inclusion manager new in EMA?
This course gives an overview of the issues involved in managing EMA. It provides clarity on the role and responsibility of Inclusion and EMA managers, insight into reviewing and sharing best practice, support for developing your action plan and explores a range of whole school EAL strategies for turning aspiration into practice. The first day of this course provides a stand alone introduction to managing EMA.

6th, 20th Oct, 10th, and 21st Nov 2011

Conference: 'Global Education & Linking'

This conference will provide an opportunity to explore the benefits that a Global dimension brings to the curriculum and wider educational experience.

7th Oct 2011

Training for Teaching Assistants

How do Teaching Assistants support EAL and EMA students?
This course looks at involving TAs in planning and review, increasing participation of pupils with English as an additional language, identifying and implementing a range of effective teaching strategies and strengthening partnerships with home, school and community

10th Oct 2011

Fast Track Literacy 'New to English - New to Literacy'

What do you do for recently arrived pupils who are new to English and new to literacy?
This half day course advocates a clearly defined, successfully trialled one to one intervention programme for secondary pupils who are new to English and have had little or interrupted prior schooling and are not literate. It includes a set of specially produced reading books.

21st Oct 2011

Promoting Equality & Community Cohesion 'Understanding and Meeting the Duties'

Do you understand what is needed to promote equality and community cohesion?
This course explains the new equality duties and how they link to schools’ existing work promoting equality and community cohesion. Activities and approaches that support best practice are shared.

2nd Nov 2011

Supporting Beginner Learners of English as an Additional Language Across the Curriculum 'Don't Panic!' - (2 day course)
Do you panic when new students arrive without any English?
This two day course provides successful approaches to integrating pupils new to English into mainstream classrooms. It will equip teachers with strategies and the underpinning theory to make them feel confident about supporting these students.

4th and 11th Nov 2011


Peer Academic Leaders and Learners (PALLS) - (2 half day course)
How do you set up peer mentoring to support academic success?
This course looks at how to set up and facilitate successful peer mentoring. It aims to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to become a licensed facilitator to lead a peer academic mentoring programme.

14th, and 25th Nov 2011


Academic Language at Post 16 - (2 half day course)
How do you improve your students control over language?
The course enables teachers to support development of the following skills: talk as a bridge to formal writing; academic reading and formal academic writing.

17th Nov and 8th Dec 2011


Developing Sustained Reading
How do you develop more advanced reading skills?
This course provides a range of successful strategies for developing sustained reading across the curriculum.

29th Nov 2011


African Caribbean Achievement
Are your African Caribbean students achieving to their potential?
This course builds from the school level data that delegates bring to it to examine issues that affect African Caribbean attainment. It will also allow you to explore effective practice that can be replicated in your school.

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