Storytelling Workshops for Schools
With Celtic Yarn-Spinner Jim MacCool

I want to tell you a story ...

The Stratford Festival of Salon Arts continues its educational remit by
bringing its successful storytelling workshops to schools for an 8th year.

Bards in the true sense, Celtic Yarn-Spinners entertain and enrich all ages with interactive stories, poems and songs.

Jim MacCool’s Interactive Celtic Yarn-Spinning Workshop has your pupils enthusiastically working and learning, as well as having a great deal of fun –
quite the best way to learn!

If you’d like leading practitioner Jim MacCool to bring his Storytelling Workshop
to your school, please telephone Joy Atkins, on 020 8688 6951 for more information.

You may prefer to email:
or visit our web site
For detailed information please call 0208 688 6951.

Stratford Festival of Salon Arts
organises the
National Tour of Traditional Celtic Storytellers

World Book Day is on Thurs. 3rd March 2016.
World Storytelling Day is on Sun. 20th March 2016.

Joy Atkins
Stratford Festival of Salon Arts
Tigh a Bhaird
7 Harepit Close

Tel. 0208 688 6951
October is National Poetry Month