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Children's authors for school visits 2012
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For the attention of: Headteacher, Literacy Co-ordinator, Head of English, Librarian

11 January 2012

Children's authors in your area for school visits

John Malam and Philip Caveney are children's authors in your area. John writes children's non-fiction, Philip writes children's fiction. Between us we've written more than 250 books and visited more than 500 schools.

We're available for school visits, offering a range of sessions from readings and talks to creative writing and role-play workshops.

To find out more about us, our events, costs and available dates for 2012, please contact us directly - you'll see our contact details below.

We hope you find this of interest, and look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

John Malam and Philip Caveney

PS: Plan ahead for World Book Day - Thursday 1st March 2012

Children's non-fiction author

John's 200+ non-fiction books cover curriculum and popular topics, particularly history, biography and the humanities. He has written guided readers in the Oxford University Project X series, and is a National Literacy Trust Reading Champion, recognised for work with reluctant readers, particularly boys.

School visits: John's school visits are popular with R, KS1 and KS2, in which he offers readings, talks and writing and role-play workshops. Many of these sessions can also be offered to special schools, and are suitable for transition events, G&T, clustering and mentoring. John is experienced at working with children of all abilities.

New for 2012: Biography sessions based on the life of Queen Elizabeth II, linked to the Diamond Jubilee. John's new biography of the Queen - Queen Elizabeth II: Her Story - is available as a souvenir for schools to give to children. Give literacy, not a mug or a medallion! Click on Queen Elizabeth book cover for details, or contact John.

For detailed information about John's sessions, costs and availability, please visit his website:

To contact John:

Tel: 01606 863540 (Winsford, Cheshire)


Discount: £50 off the cost of a day visit
(quote code MALAM-50)
Valid until 31 July 2012










Children's fiction author

Philip's early novels were for adults, but in 2006 he wrote a book for his young daughter. The book was Sebastian Darke: Prince Of Fools, which became a four-part series that has been published all around the world. Since then he has created the Alec Devlin mysteries (the terrifying adventures of a 15-year-old archaeologist) and most recently, the Movie Maniacs series about a magical cinema where children can enter films and interact with the characters.

School visits: School sessions usually take an hour and can be presented to large groups of children, ages 9+. Up to four sessions can be incorporated into the day. A typical session includes a showing of the trailer for Night On Terror Island, a talk, a reading and a question and answer session. Philip can also arrange to bring and sign copies of his books. He is also happy to work on writing workshops with smaller groups of children - up to 30 maximum.

For detailed information about Philip's sessions, costs and availability, please visit his website:

To contact Philip:
Tel: 0161 432 6318 (Stockport)


Discount: £50 off the cost of a day visit
(quote code CAVENEY-50)
Valid until 31 July 2012










A combined fact and fiction visit

Why settle for fact or fiction when you can have both?
Why not book John and Philip together for a day at your school? It's up to you how you timetable the day. This way you'll give your pupils the best of both worlds from not one but two inspiring, motivational children's authors.

Discount: £120 off the cost of a joint day visit
(quote code COMBINED-120)
Valid until 31 July 2012