Best Friends Forever -  School Leavers Musical

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Best Friends Forever
School Leavers’ Musical

The only constant in life is change

It is the last week of the school year.  The children and their teacher, Mrs Osmond, are thinking about the changes ahead whilst preparing for their leavers’ concert, a musical celebration of friendship.

To their surprise, the children discover that they are not the only ones having to be brave about big changes ahead when their teacher announces that she too is moving on, to retirement. 

The children are intrigued when Mr Silvers, the mysterious caretaker, reads Mrs Osmond’s tea leaves and predicts a big celebration in the near future, involving, but not for the children.

Perhaps more wise for their years than they should be, the children soon realise that the  last thing Mrs Osmond wants to do is retire. More importantly they have worked out the reason why.

Next, there seems to be a reversal of roles as Mrs Osmond finds herself no longer in charge of her class as the children take control and sort out her future, but with time against them, will their plan succeed before the end of the concert?


  • A delightful heart warming story that will make your audience laugh and cry
  • Suitable for children aged 10 and upwards
  • Cast of 30 speaking parts which can be adapted
  • Running time approximately one hour
  • Eight beautiful songs with instrumental backing tracks on CD (included)
  • CD also includes separate sing-along performance tracks for learning the songs
  • Piano score and vocal line of all songs included
  • Photocopiable song lyrics sheet provided with the script
  • Visit to read the synopsis and hear the music


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