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Secure online classlists: parent-managed, private & mobile. 
Quick communication & simple event organisation. 


A mobile way to keep up with everything in your school community: always up-to-date classlists, invitations, latest class messages, coffees volunteers - all accessible on the go.  Fast communication with other parents. 

"easier than email, better than Facebook, different to the parent portal"

A secure & encrypted data-protected site available to parents at your school. Manage your own privacy settings & enter the contact details you want your year to see. Posts are forwarded to your email.  We never share your details. 

Our school-run share feature helps the environment & cuts down on travel time and petrol.  Tools for the PTA to save time too: collecting money, newsletters.  Easy parent event creation and £ collection

Revenue generating
Helps schools and PTAs fundraise through our paid event ticketing system and advertising revenue share scheme. 

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