creative woodland resources

...announce the launch of their fabulous natural resource range for nursery and primary school age children.

Dear Head Teacher and Early Years Coordinator,
We make and supply natural materials to support childrens learning. Children find them irresistible, explore them intuitively and interpret them in many fun and creative ways. Our lovely resources promote the development of fine and gross motor skills, and lend themselves to

  • open ended mathematical interpretation
  • placing and arranging
  • illustration and story making
  • small and large scale construction exploring regular and non regular shapes
  • exploration of the texture and nature of natural objects

... and much more!          Find out  here

The materials come from our sustainably managed woodland. We harvest, season and clean the timber before using it to make  creative  woodland resources. The resources retain all the beauty and  aesthetic qualities of natural wood.

Adults find them irresistible to play with too!

Hope to hear from you soon.

Best wishes and a happy autumn term,

Kath and James Bedingfield

07950 100 485

Blackhall Farm, Blackhall Mill, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE17 7QE.