fao Heads: Invest in the Best, for School and Professional Development

Unique opportunity to work closely on curriculum development with leaders in the field

How often do you or your curriculum managers have the opportunity to reflect properly on your overall strategy - the Big Picture of your curriculum - or on the appropriateness of your plans?

Taking a day away from school for such long-term thinking can be a good investment, especially as short-term targets keep changing, whilst budgets are becoming tighter.

But large-scale conferences have their frustrations: little opportunity to question the lead speakers and ideas in depth; 'quick fix' workshops; plenary sessions that have no sense of direction; lack of opportunity to discuss and plan with like-minded colleagues, etc.

By contrast, Super Seminars (www.superseminars.co.uk) offer a new approach to professional and school development. Every seminar will: 

  • be limited to 20 participants, so that everyone can put more into, and get more out of, the day
  • use just one leading presenter (who will be primed with questions in advance from participants)
  • provide proper time for analysis, evaluation and synthesis
  • move steadily towards resolution: the creation of strategies and plans for action
  • offer a free ‘support and sustain’ teleconference or online forum after the seminar.

Each seminar will run from 10 am to 3.30 pm, and will take place in a venue chosen for its quality and convenience for rail travel, such as BMA House, 5 minutes' walk from Euston station, or the Manchester Radisson Hotel, a 10 minute, free bus ride from Piccadilly station.

The fee for an individual is £300, reducing to £200 pp for additional delegates on the same booking. (A maximum of 3 delegates will be accepted from any one school onto a particular seminar in order to enhance networking opportunities.)

However, you can request a £100 discount simply by (a) clicking on contact@superseminars.co.uk, (b) putting ‘Discount, please’ in the subject box, and (c) putting your name and school in the body of the email.

A no-obligation voucher code will be emailed to you along with a full list of this year’s seminars and details of the presenters and their leading ideas.

N.B. The code may be used up to the end of May to make as many seminar bookings as you like, but it can only be claimed in the coming week, i.e up to May 1st, so do email promptly!

The 16 presenters, who are listed below, are truly leaders in their fields, and would not normally be able to spend a whole day working alongside a dedicated group of 20.  I am very confident that this initiative will meet the need for sustainable strategies based on sound philosophies in uncertain times.

Thank you for your consideration, and I hope to see you and/or your colleagues at one of these 30 seminal events.

Roger Sutcliffe (Director of www.dialogueworks.co.uk)

Dialogue Works, 11 West Street, Reigate, Surrey, RH2 9BL.


Mick Waters       (President of the Curriculum Foundation, originator of QCA's Big Picture)
Bill Lucas       (Co-Director of the Centre for Real-World Learning, Winchester University)
David Leat       (Professor of Curriculum Innovation, Newcastle University)
Sue Lyle       (Head of CPD at Swansea Metropolitan University)
Steve Williams       (former editor of Teaching Thinking and Creativity magazine)
James Nottingham       (Director of www.sustained-success.com, author of Challenging Learning)
Roy van den Brink Budgen       (Driving force of Critical Thinking programmes in UK)
Chris Waller       (Professional Officer at the Association for Citizenship Teaching) 
Will Ord       (Director of www.thinkingeducation.co.uk)
Mary Young       (Co-author of Global Citizenship: The Primary Handbook)
Barry Hymer       (G & T innovator, author of The Gifted and Talented Pocketbook)
Deborah Michel       (Lead author of the SEAL materials)
Joanna Haynes       (Author of Children as Philosophers)
Michael Lacewing       (Director of www.alevelphilosophy.co.uk)
Tim Taylor       (Trainer in the Mantle of the Expert)
Roger Sutcliffe (International trainer in Philosophy with Children and Inquiry-based Learning)