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Dear Headteacher,

I’m writing from Dragonfly Film & Television Productions.

So you know a bit more about us, our background includes acclaimed documentaries such as the BAFTA award-winning One Born Every Minute and the double BAFTA-nominated The Family for Channel 4, as well as My First Year, a series following the school life of 15 kids starting secondary school. A full list of our past programmes is on our website www.dragonfly.tv

We’re currently working with the BBC to identify a boy who could author a major new series about growing up in modern Britain. The vision is that the boy will film his life entirely from his perspective and in the process become a voice for his generation and give a unique insight into the life and times of a young person in Britain today.

We’re looking for someone aged between 9 and 14, who is talkative and engaging and who has the confidence to grasp this fantastic opportunity.

I’ve attached a poster to this email and it would be great if you could hand it out to any boy you think would love to get involved. To further increase the chances of finding the right boy it would be great if you would be able to mention this in form or year assemblies and in any drama or media classes.

Please feel free to phone me if you have any questions, thank you so much for your time.

Kind Regards,


Lucy Wilcox
Assistant Producer

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