Dragonfly Productions

Dear Headteacher,

Dragonfly Film and Television are searching for remarkable children to take part in a new documentary for Channel 4 about childhood.

We are searching for inspirational, articulate children aged 10-12 with an interesting take on the world from across the UK.   

Dragonfly Film and Television have a history of making pioneering documentaries, such as the BAFTA Award winning One Born Every Minute, The Family and The Hotel. You can see an example of our work here: www.dragonfly.tv/productions.php

We are looking for inspirational 10 -12 year olds from across the country, who have compelling and interesting views on the world, for an observational documentary for Channel 4. The children will have the chance to throw their own dinner party, where parents aren’t invited. 

They will be supervised by adults, but with mum and dad out of sight, what will they talk about?

What will their conversations tell us about their future ambitions? Do they view things differently to other children their age? How have their experiences shaped their lives already?

In the kitchen, two outstanding chefs, also aged 10-12, will be cooking up an impressive meal for their guests. What will they cook?

We hope this one-off documentary will be heart-warming and insightful. 
It's important that the children who take part are representative of young people across the country, from different backgrounds and with a range of experiences. 

Perhaps they are a sporting champion, or have an incredible music talent? Maybe they see things differently to other children their age, or do they stand out as being opinionated and articulate?
We are also looking for outstanding chefs, aged 10-12, who are capable of creating a spectacular menu for a dinner party. They will be supervised, but they should have real 'Masterchef' ability in the kitchen and plenty of enthusiasm. 

Anyone interested in taking part in the documentary, should ask a parent or guardian to contact us as soon as possible.

Please find attached printable copy of letter to parents

Parents/ guardians please email:
Or call Elena on 020 70333 199

Yours faithfully,

Elena Mourey

Dragonfly Film and Television Productions Ltd, 120-124 Curtain Road, London, EC2A 3SQ.