Easy Sketch Pro, Schools Edition.

Creating Whiteboard Animation Videos

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Dear Science teacher
The whiteboard animation software lets you create wonderful presentations. This is very useful in school work, office reporting, or even business presentations. Also, it’s very functional in just bringing out your creative side and make personal illustrations of your life or family’s precious moments.  
Doing school presentations can be as fun and interesting without removing the important goals which is to convey the facts that you need to show-off. The doodling and sketching style in this application makes audience hooked-up on the illustrations and how they go about. Click here for a 14 day free unlimited trial.

“Let Your Pupils Create Amazing Video Presentations Using Their Knowledge & Imagination. Fast, Easy and Simple To Use.”

“Easy Sketch Pro is an excellent resource for teachers that offer an exciting opportunity to invigorate teaching and learning within the classroom…”

“Easy Sketch pro can be used as a tool for teachers to communicate their subject matter throughout the curriculum in a way that will capture the pupils’ attention…”

“Easy Sketch Pro can facilitate the development of the pupils’ thoughts that processes and enables them to be actively engaged in their learning….”

Easy Sketch Pro Schools Edition is designed it to make everything very ‘Drag N Drop’. If you can click a mouse and type your half way there. It’s a very simple program to use and you’ll be amazed at the simplicity. Students and Teachers can use for lots of different topics like, History, Geography, and Maths etc.
Teachers will love this for class assignments. Students will love having fun and learning more about their assignments when creating Video presentations using Easy Sketch Pro Schools Edition.

Easy Sketch pro has over 55,000 users, Easy Sketch Pro Schools Edition had over 750 schools sign up within 24 hours from launch.


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