Up to £5,000 Lighting Grant Available for Schools

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Were you aware that a national grant is currently available that offers up to £5,000 toward the cost of changing your schools lighting to LED? Are you also aware it can reduce energy consumption by approximately 65% and save your school up to £20,000 pa in electricity alone? This is available for a limited time only but can also be included with a DfE sponsored 0% loan for LA schools and an Education Funding Agency (EFA) loan for academies which is paid back from the savings made so no financial outlay is required by the school.

Energy Saving Lighting have upgraded over 400 schools across the UK, saving hundreds of thousands of pounds by upgrading old technology (like fluorescents) to LED lighting and its likely you will also benefit from these savings too.

Payback can be as low as 3 years, you will also benefit from cutting your carbon footprint (typically improving the EPC level by one), maintenance costs (LED lamps lasts 10 times longer) and improve lighting quality (no flickering) and once the interest free loan is paid back you will see these savings every year improving cash flow and future proofing against increased electricity costs. Also, with the benefit of the initial grant you will always see a cash positive position during the payment period of the loan too.

To book a free no obligation lighting energy audit or to check if you qualify for a grant or loan, please contact perry@energysavinglighting.org or call on 07595 711341.

To understand how you can become greener and improve your learning environment please see the attached Case Studies for these schools or read our recent case studies to see real life examples of how we have helped schools like yours.

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Perry Day

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