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FITS directly allowed us to reduce support costs by 25%

Getting best value for money has always been a key requirement in the education sector but with the on-going budget cuts it is more important now than ever before.

Since its introduction six years ago, FITS has established a strong reputation for providing simple, consistent processes and tools that have improved the delivery of technical support within education.

It is widely used across the UK and worldwide within primary, secondary, further and higher education.

FITS, originally developed within Becta, is now managed and supported by The FITS Foundation, a not for profit organisation. Since The FITS Foundation took over responsibility for ensuring that FITS had a sound and secure future, it has managed FITS implementations in Australia, the United States and Norway and is currently working with organisations in Portugal and Belgium as well as throughout the UK.

The aims of The FITS Foundation are to spearhead the professionalisation of the ICT workforce in the education sector, improve the quality of ICT technical support services through the use of a structured service delivery framework and have a positive impact on teaching and learning experiences and outcomes.

The positive feedback from our users is testimony that we are achieving those aims. Tower Hamlets report that FITS directly allowed them to reduce support costs by 25%. By using FITS they have been able to manage more incidents at less cost, achieve a satisfaction index of 93% and enjoy a greater return on investment.

They say that without FITS being adopted throughout the borough this would not have been possible.

With technology being embedded in the curriculum now, a consistent, structured approach to technical support is vital.

Contact The FITS Foundation now to find out how we can help you achieve the same success.

Trevor Greenfield
Chief Executive
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