12th May

Northern Ireland Parliament Buildings, Stormont, Belfast

16th June
International Eucharistic Congress, RDS, Dublin


  • Run4Unity: a worldwide relay race involving thousands of teenagers from different countries, religions and denominations, who run locally and then pass the virtual baton onto the next time zone, building a network of solidarity across the globe
  • Funds raised support SCHOOLMATES, a network between groups of students from various parts of the world; funds provide opportunities for young people in developing countries to attend school which otherwise they would be unable to do 
  • Suitable for inclusion in Sports and in Religious Education teaching programmes
Run4Unity is designed as a youth pastoral programme which through the medium of Sport will offer young people the challenge of living authentic Christianity today. This programme also ideally meets the needs of both the CSPEC/ Citizenship and Religious Education Junior Certificate/ GCSE project work. The programme is designed to enhance the personal development of those young people who participate. It is ideally suited to develop their capacities in building authentic relationships with people of all ages and backgrounds and developing a deeper understanding of their place in today’s global society.
      Can be included in activities during Catholic Schools Week (29th January-5th February)


  • Practicing the GOLDEN RULE How? By engaging in the preparation programme through focussing on Gospel phrases symbolised by 6 Maths signs. Similar concepts exist in the sacred books of many world religions. Your class/group is invited to live one each month commencing in January 2012.  There will be a forum to communicate the experiences of those participating
  • Solidarity across the Globe Enrol for the Run4Unity! Your class/group will then be issued with sponsorship cards, T-shirts etc. (Entrance fee applies). Monies raised in this event will be used towards the education of teenagers in developing countries (as in 2005 and 2008). Events can be organised locally in your school, parish etc AND/OR
  • Take part in the RUN4UNITY at the Northern Ireland Parliament Buildings, Stormont,  Belfast on Saturday 12th May. For free admission passes to the Stormont event, please contact Elisabeth Ohlbock, Run4Unity Coordinator for Northern Ireland at  run4unity12may2012@gmail.com  
  • Take part in the celebratory Youth festival for all participating schools/youth clubs etc at the International Eucharistic Congress on Saturday 16th June 2012 at 14.15 in the RDS, Dublin.

To facilitate the above a Resource pack is available from the email address run4unityIEC2012@focolare.ie  or run4unity12may2012@gmail.com.

The pack contains:

      1. DVD which gives an introduction to all aspects of the project
      2. 4 Posters illustrating each of the goals
        the following two resources are downloadable from: www.iec2012.ie/schoolresources
      3. 6 worksheets illustrating the Gospel phrases linked to the Maths Symbols which can be taken one a month from January 2012 (IEC2012 website)
      4. PowerPoint outlining in more detail the School-Mates projects (IEC2012 website)

 Many thanks for your attention and looking forward to working with you,

Website: www.youthforunity.org 

Irene Jovaras
Run4Unity Coordinator
20 Ramleh Close,
Dublin 6
+353 1 2698081 / +353 86 0898740

Elisabeth Ohlbock
Run4Unity Coordinator
24 Piney Hills


18th January 2012