Dear Head of English / Head of PE

We are currently looking for students of English and/or Sport aged 16 and above to write for our popular Sports News and Discussion website

The site receives close to 200,000 readers per month and whilst primarily based on football, we also provide news and opinion on Cricket, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Athletics, Formula One, Tennis, Snooker, Darts and Golf. On top of these popular sports we have also looked to branch out to the United States, opening sections on the NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB and the MLS.

Those wishing to experience online journalism will be provided feedback on each article submitted and shall learn the basics regarding structure, timing, headlining, as well as the development of column and feature style articles using personality, humour and passion. Not only will the student find this experience beneficial and enjoyable but we have found that previous students have improved dramatically over the period which culminates in a written reference to be added to their curriculum vitae.

The experience period could cover your summer holidays or perhaps during term time where you are able to produce something in your free time.

Being an online based news site, students are able to carry out the work experience from the comfort of their own home or school surroundings with each story submitted via e-mail where we then proof read and provide feedback prior to publishing. This method not only saves on travel expenses but also helps the student improve on a "per article" basis.

Another great benefit for the schools or colleges involved is that we also publish local match reports or stories on school events. Should the First XI cricket team make it to the county finals then why not write about it and have it published to the thousands of our readers? Has one of your students made superb progress on the athletics track that is worth telling the world about? Budding young journalists may even wish to provide a weekly match report of the school team and how they got on, or perhaps an injury to one of the main players has affected the season?

If the stories completed are accurate, not plagiarised, and score top marks in grammar and punctuation we very much guarantee to publish them - each story published will have the authors name or alias above the article. Our sports news has been seen daily on google news, the BBC network and numerous newspapers.

Should you wish to take a step into the world of sports journalism then we really do look forward to hearing from you and ask that you provide the following information when e-mailing us at

1) Date you would like to submit your first article
2) Your name or alias to appear above each article
3) A rough idea of when you would like to finish the experience

Once we hear back from you we shall give you some pointers regarding your first article and will provide you with helpful feedback after each submission. It's entirely up to you on what you report and the amount of stories per week will be in your control. Should you prefer to submit first thing in the morning then so be it, should the evenings be you preferred time of the day then great - we are very flexible.

Here is what one of our work experience candidates had to say.

There are very few places that offer work experience like this and what you offer is perfect in terms of what people such as me are looking for. The techniques you use I’ve found has been particularly important, by giving us titles and then now expecting us to make our own is brilliant. For example, I would never have thought to write something like I did about Park had it not been for your previous suggestions. Every article I’ve written you’ve been 100% honest about and I have picked up on every mistake you’ve pointed out – and I have also noticed a huge improvement in my writing.
I can ’t find anything to say that is wrong with what you’ve provided, it has all been perfect so far and the way you allow flexibility with our studies is even better.

Dean Bennell - Colchester Institute

Please note that we can only provide full written references for those who provide at least ten articles during the experience. Reference's are normally sent via e-mail in a pdf format so they can be printed however should you wish for us to send a hard copy via the post this can be arranged.

We look forward to hearing from you! Should you have any questions please do not hesitate in contacting us as

Angela Trent-Burridge