Online Learning Young Driver Programmes

1: ASDAN Accredited ‘Roadwise’

2: ANY DRIVER LTD ‘Understand the Principles of Safe Driving’ Award

Dear Head,

GA Driving Education is pleased to offer two optional online distance learning programmes for students aged 14 – 17.

1. 'Roadwise' an Asdan awarding body certificated course. The cost per student is £34.99.

2. ‘Understand the Principles of Safe Driving’. This course is certificated and accredited by Any Driver Ltd, a leading UK Driver Training Specialist. The cost per student is £24.99.

Both courses will provide students with knowledge and understanding of safe road skills. The risks, responsibilities and consequences of drink/drug driving. Mobile phone use along with the consequences of speeding. There are also sections on basic vehicle maintenance, along with understanding legal requirements and costs of keeping a vehicle on the road.

Both courses recognise and reward personal achievements along with developing employability skills and personal effectiveness.

There are no exams to sit as both programmes are vocational courses completed through work portfolio. The complete programme is through distance learning, students complete the course on school premises or at home submitting their work through email to us for assessment.

We provide full support and communication throughout; therefore there will be no teaching requirement from your staff. We will provide an answer guidance sheet for each question for staff members who may be assisting students. Students will also develop IT, Literacy and Numeracy skills.

The course duration is 6-10 hours approximately but can be accomplished in small sections with no time limits on completion.

The programmes are open to all students however they are often used for enrichment activities or to enrol pupils having difficulty with mainstream education.

We would be pleased to assist in any further information required or for registering students on to the course.

We would be pleased to speak to you or your staff regarding any further information or for registering students on to the course.

Kind regards
GA Driving Education

Tony Morgan QCF Assessor/Advanced Driver Trainer   07958 334648
Geoff Skipp   QCF Assessor/Advanced Driver Trainer   07944 082361

GA Driving Education, 7A St Catherines Road, Ruislip, Middlesex, HA4 7RX