Do you have School users watching a display screen
  • school event photos and videos to display?

• exemplar work you would like to showcase?
• the desire to promote achievement?

• information to share within school?

• clubs and events to advertise?

• display screens you want effectively used?

• very little time to achieve all this?

  Examples of display screens displayed by ABTV   ABTV is an educational media player which provides your school  with the perfect solution. It has been specifically designed to showcase educational achievement and is the product of several years of close collaboration with primary and secondary schools.

In addition to seamlessly displaying a wide variety of media files, ABTV offers a wealth of novel and powerful features to help gain far greater educational value from your school's display screens.

ABTV enables the efficient management of what is shown, encouraging the whole school community to watch and to contribute.

• display the date, time and timetable period name*
• display webpages from your school's website
• create live tickertape messages over a network
• change what is shown to keep viewers watching*
• set audio levels to correspond to your timetable*
• show different collections of media at certain times*
• play background audio such as school radio or music*
• use titles to split your collection up into themes
• display a ‘Coming Up Next’ screen*
• show morning, lunch and afternoon weekly club information*
• use scrolling messages to make reporting events easy
• customise the ‘look’ of ABTV to create an identity to which
• people can refer and contribute

*automatic - just leave ABTV to get on with it!

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30 day free trial icon   Let us prove the value of ABTV
Simply download and try our software. Only buy a license if fully satisfied.
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