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Does your school need an effective way to communicate information and report achievement?

One or more display screens around your school offers the perfect solution. If your school already has them, you'll know that the challenge is showing fresh, interesting and topical information.

We have worked closely with teachers, students and leadership teams to develop a piece of software which is proven to help you meet this challenge. Achievement Broadcast TV makes it very easy for schools to display what they want and simple for adults to quickly manage what is shown. Its prime function is to create a school TV station to which teachers, students and parents want to regularly contribute. Because ABTV is specifically designed for use in schools, it offers many innovative features which make setting up and managing a sustainable TV station a reality.

  • Educational Benefits - communicating achievement to students improves their motivation towards learning and their perception of the school.

  • Low Costs - ABTV runs on most Windows® PCs, doesn't require any expensive hardware and costs only £450 with no annual renewal.

  • Use familiar equipment - it's easy creating items for display using a wide variety of familiar equipment and software - instructions and tips included.

  • Fully customisable - you can create a distinct identity for your TV station to which people can refer.

  • Keep viewers watching - ABTV can vary what is shown by automatically picking files from collections.

  • Reinforce the timetable - ABTV can change what is shown, the background and video audio volumes and a textual period description by following the school's timetable.

  • Easy to make and contribute reports - a wide range of image, video, animated presentation and audio files are supported, making it easy for students and staff to contribute.

  • Easy to use - quickly become familiar with ABTV's intuitive controls by experimenting with the example schedule provided.

  • Use existing display screens - several new or existing display screens can easily be connected to the computer running ABTV.


Free ABTV trial offer - full cost £450 Networkable Tickertape Editor included free

We are so confident of the impact ABTV can have in promoting achievement within your school, you can download the free, fully operational trial version from our website at:


Alternatively go straight to the download page:


Change the appearance of ABTV to suit your school

Anything shown can have a scrolling message

A wide variety of file types can be displayed

Tickertape messages are great for communicating important information


Don't take our word for it!

"ABTV software has provided us with a great window for communication.  We can show the school and visitors our achievements and proudest moments…”

“Changing the show and keeping it updated is straightforward……”

“Every school should have one!” 

David Aarons Deputy Head Mapledown School

“We have been hugely impressed with the ABTV software. The parents and children are now excited about seeing information which is updated regularly.”

“The Parents' Association use the facility to advertise functions and are very impressed with the whole set-up.”

Bill Pratt (IAPS Headmaster and ISI Inspector)

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