Ian Billings


2010 Tour dates

Summer – United Kingdom Schools

Summer/Autumn – Australian and New Zealand Schools



Since blasting off at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2007
Ian Billings has toured schools throughout the world!


  • Offering hilarious interactive stand-up literacy with "An inspiring children’s comedian and author! - Claire Hele, Ipswich High School for Girls
  • Giggled-filled comedy shows which are Hugely entertaining and extremely popular! - Riva Barnard, Edge Hill Junior School
  • Book Ian Billings for your school and find out why he is The most imaginative adult I’ve ever met! - Charlotte Thomas Russell Junior School.


  • Creating, adapting and sustaining differing character roles
  • Using character, action and narrative to convey story, themes, emotions and ideas
  • Using dramatic techniques to explore characters
  • Imagining and exploring feelings and ideas, focusing on creative uses of language and how to interest the reader

2,000 Schools Visited Already in UK, Germany, Cyprus and Australia

Your School could be next!

New book for 2010 from Caboodle Ltd.

Sam Hawkins Pirate Detective

What the kids say about me!

"I had a billiant time ! You rock, nobody couldn't like films or anything that you write so for me that's a 10/10 including the classroom. P.S. visit us again and don't forget your books." -CLAUDIA, AGED 9, FROM TELFORD, ENGLAND.

"Ian Billings was the most funniest author in the world and it was so funny we nearly peed our pants and knickers! The event was out of this world!" - NATHAN AND CHARLIE, AGED 9 + 9, FROM TELFORD, ENGLAND.

"It was brillant and very very very funny . He also has a funny bone in his body and he is the funniest person I`ve ever known. So that's all I can say." - ABBY, AGED 9, FROM TELFORD, ENGLAND.

"I thought the show was funny, silly and I have never seen anything like it. I laughed at nearly every part and Ian Billings was brilliant, even though he had to do it all on his own."- SAMMI, ROYAL HIGH PRIMARY SCHOOL, EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND.