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Dear Headteacher,

You may remember that I sent out an email in October outlining my services regarding Raiseonline analysis and how I could do a three year review for primary schools which would include a full, easy to follow attainment and progress analysis which is then incorporated into an achievement report which could be directly drafted into your SEF. I am delighted to be able to offer this popular service over the Christmas break so that you would have the completed work back with you for when you start back in January, thus reclaiming your valuable and much needed break.

As part of the package, you will get a clear, easy to follow three year analysis of overall and group attainment in KS1 and KS2, an easy-to-follow pictorial breakdown of overall and group progress for the end of KS2 over three years and a breakdown of how your progression variation data compares to national expectations at both ‘expected’ and ‘exceeds’ levels. These are now of course vital in measuring progress.

All of these reports are in easy-to-use Word formats and so can be easily modified to go into your full SEF, school improvement plan, governors reports etc. They are colour coded where appropriate and designed to be easy follow for governors and other stakeholders who may not be data confident.

As I am a currently a regularly practising Ofsted inspector, a former primary school headteacher (I know the pressures you are under) and have worked extensively in self-evaluation with over 200 schools nationwide over the last two and a half years (thus giving me a wealth of practical ideas which can help you), I am in an ideal position to help take some of the burden from you and give you back time to spend on the things which will really drive your school forward.

There are two options for the above, the prices of which have been held from last year:

  1. The analysis documents only, which cost £375.
  2. The analysis documents and a KS1 and KS2 report overview which could form the basis of the achievement section of your SEF is £475.

Both of these figures are for the work to be done without a visit to the school and the work will be emailed to you on completion. This would be guaranteed to be delivered to you by the start of the Spring term.

References confirming the quality of the work are available on request.

Many thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this. If you require high quality help in any area of school management, data analysis and self-evaluation then please visit my website at www.ianhartconsultancy.co.uk for a full the full range of school improvement services my associates and I can offer. Please remember that although the invoice will be forwarded to you when you order, you will not be required to pay until seven days after we have completed the agreed work to your satisfaction, thus guaranteeing quality and value for money.

Kind Regards,

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