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Dear Headteacher,

I hope your summer term is going well.

Further to my previous emails regarding self-evaluation and Raiseonline help, I have a number of SEF writing slots still available before the end of this term. I have fully outlined the services I offer below but please bear in mind that I undertake all of the writing and analysis tasks and do not charge until the work you have received is what you expected, ensuring that not only do you get full control of the quality of the work but you also get your holidays and peace of mind back into the bargain. The process can also be used to provide CPD for your aspiring and experienced school leaders, so I hope you agree that the whole package can bring significant cost, time and professional development benefits.

If none of the services outlined below quite meet your requirements then I am more than happy to provide a bespoke service so please contact me so that we can discuss your requirements.

SEF Writing Service

Would you like to get your SEF written with only one or two days of your time needed? Would you like to have a practicing inspector with experience of Headship help guide you through the requirements of the New Framework and produce a comprehensive SEF document for you, thus taking away a significant burden from an already highly stressful job, giving you back time to focus on the things which will really drive your school forward?

I have 15 years of experience in Primary teaching culminating in Headship. I have been involved with self-evaluation in schools since 2001, before it became the OFSTED framework and I have gained the European Framework for Quality Management Assessor Certificate. Over the last five years, I have worked both independently and for a major public services provider consulting with schools all over the country on self-evaluation and SEF writing, as well as many other aspects of school management including teaching and learning audits and data analysis. I am highly experienced in deciphering Raiseonline and have inspection experience, being a qualified and currently practising Ofsted Additional Inspector. I have been accepted onto Lead Inspector training in Autumn this year.

I therefore specialise in self-evaluation and Raiseonline analysis and can offer the following services with the aim of delivering significant time and stress savings through helping take away one of the most time consuming and difficult jobs of school management. The work also helps deliver comprehensive professional development opportunities for both you and your staff, thus making the absolute most of your time and money.

The available options are:

  1. £695 (+VAT) for one day on-site and a Raiseonline analysis of your last three years data, completed before the meeting. During the day I will question you on all aspects of your evaluation and we will complete a summary SEF. You will receive the first draft of the summary SEF within one week (my aim is to ensure that you have a working copy on the day) and then you will be able to have further input before I complete the process with a final draft. Up to two other members of your team are welcome to any part or all of the day. (2.0 days of my work time in total).
  2. £895 (+VAT) for two days on-site consultancy, ensuring that we have ample time to talk through Raiseonline and the Raise analysis (which will have been completed beforehand) and that this is fully explained to you and your team (as many of whom as you like are welcome to attend). This can be done over consecutive days or with a gap in between to allow you time to reflect. If done over consecutive days, the Achievement and Teaching and Learning sections will be completed on day one and edited overnight so that you will have these completed by the end of day two. We will then spend day two talking through Behaviour and Safety and Leadership and Management and up to three Governors can be involved in this session. I will then ensure that the first full draft is with the school within two weeks (my aim is to return the edit within one week). This will be a much more detailed SEF but each section will be summarised in line with current Ofsted guidance so that you will have both a summary and detailed SEF which could be used to cover large sections of your reports to Governors. If there is a gap between the two days then the same routine will be followed except that the draft of day one’s work will be with the school within two working days, enabling you to have time to talk through what we have produced so that we can look at it again at the start of day two. (2.5 days work in total).
  3. £475 (+VAT) for rewriting your up-to-date current SEF to the current framework. This includes a three year Raiseonline analysis to confirm your achievement judgement (1.25 days). £395 (+VAT) for the analysis and the Achievement section only. Neither option incorporates an on-site visit.
  4. £549 (+VAT) for one day on site, the three year Raiseonline analysis done with you and up to two other members of your team and the Achievement section of the SEF completed (1.5 days of my work time in total).

SEF Review Service

I can offer an independent, third party view of your SEF and add in suggestions which may help strengthen your case and ensure that it is as consistent and coherent as possible. I offer two different ways of doing this;

  1. A review of your text and addition of suggestions to ensure your use of language and your judgements are consistent with the current framework based on the content of your SEF and that it produces a consistent and coherent argument. This costs £350 + VAT.
  2. The service offered in section one but with the addition of a comprehensive three year analysis of your Raiseonline data, similar to that carried out by an inspection team prior to your inspection, providing you with extra evidence and confidence in underlining your judgements. This costs £475 + VAT.

I would be pleased to provide (on request) anyone who is interested with contact details for one of the many Headteachers I have already worked with, who are happy to provide a first-hand reference for the quality of the service I have delivered.

Many thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this. If you require high quality help in any area of school management, data analysis and self-evaluation then please visit my website at www.ianhartconsultancy.co.uk to view the full range of school improvement services my associates and I can offer. Please remember that you will not be invoiced until after we have completed the agreed work to your satisfaction, thus guaranteeing quality and value for money.

Feedback so far has been entirely positive and includes:

I wanted to say a huge thank you for the work you did yesterday…….. I have to say I have been extremely impressed by the service you provided and would be happy to recommend you to other Headteacher colleagues in the Borough. – Headteacher, South East.

I’m delighted to share our great news. We are officially OUTSTANDING. Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for giving me confidence and for your help which was instrumental in our success.
We look forward to continuing working with you. Headteacher – London.

Phew it [the inspection] was a battle but your support and direct talking really invigorated us and we were ready! Headteacher – North East.

I just wanted to let you know that having had our OFSTED and using the SEF that you developed with us the two HMIs were very impressed with the format and accurate evaluation….. From the day we spent with you we were prepared for the questions and challenges we had and were able to provide the answers easily. We did get the outstanding that you helped us decide to go for……Since the inspection I have recommended you to several other heads …..I thought that you would like to know since you were part of the process that resulted in our positive outcome. Headteacher – South West.

Just to let you know we had an Ofsted inspection last week. All went well …… I wanted to thank you and also pass on the compliments the lead inspector made about the SEF. Well written and also she liked the summary of grades at the back. Thank you. Headteacher – South East

Thanks Ian; first draft was excellent - my SIP and chair of governors were very impressed and said how concise, informative and yet readable the document already is. Headteacher, London.

We very much enjoyed the day with you and one real benefit was that [my SLT]….. feel they have much more ownership of whole document than before. Headteacher, Hampshire.

Many thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this and please visit my website at www.ianhartconsultancy.co.uk to get a full list of the services I am currently offering. Alternatively, please email me at ianhartconsultancy@yahoo.co.uk or ring me on 07415 857877 if you would like to discuss your needs with me personally.

Kind Regards,

Ian Hart BA (Hons), PGCE, NPQH.

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