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Please take a look at the following NEW Resources -

            Film Offending Resource - ‘Prisoners Preventing Offending’

  • Impact Resources Ltd32 Real prisoners – 283 years (sentenced) of Real experience – Real Impact
  • 6 film & lesson resource
  • Extremely adaptable resource for stimulating thinking for all students around crime & society, providing teachers with a tool for re-focussing the most at risk ‘street wise’ students
  • Providing an easy to deliver, extremely engaging resource for all students including the most resistant (developed with these as the focus!)
  • Providing staff with a resource to realistically challenge motivations behind offending, drug dealing and violence, and to graphically show the reality & the consequences of offending in an educational format
  • Supporting lesson plans, CD-roms, DVD’s, exercise, research, project & presentation tasks & evaluations
  • Now reduced to £395 (limited period only) – Quote SO1 on email orders

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RACISM ‘Challenging racist attitudes towards asylum seekers & refugees’

  • Impact Resources LtdDesigned to creatively reverse situations and get young people to appreciate the attraction of western countries and identify with the situations leading others to seek asylum.
  • Providing schools with a totally different approach to others focussed around racism
  • Enabling teachers to easily create discussion and highlight contradictions within racist beliefs
  • 4 Lesson resource with supporting lesson plans, CD-roms, exercise, research, project & presentation tasks & evaluations
  • PIC 2 HERE
  • Now reduced to £95 (limited period only) – Quote SO2 on email orders

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