Joodoo Drums - Drumming Workshops for Schools

Yoga and Drumming Workshops for Schools

Dear Headteacher / Music / PE Teachers,




If booked by July 20th, 2012

Drumming Workshops

  • Every child gets to play as part of a drumming orchestra

  • African or Samba Drumming workshops

  • In depth workshops also available

  • Drumming workshops are perfect for Arts Week, Black History Month, Music Week

  • Drumming workshops develop team work, listening skills and cultural awareness

  • 8 x 30-minute sessions or 6 x 40-minute sessions per day

  • For more info visit:

Yoga Workshops

  • Yoga classes for all the pupils in your school

  • Yoga stretches, breathing exercises as well as yoga games

  • Teach the children how to relax and release stress and build flexibility

  • Yoga for Kids improves their concentration and increases their attention span

  • Yoga Days are perfect for PSHE

  • 8 x 30-minute sessions or 6 x 40-minute sessions per day

  • Classes for Teachers available as well

To book a drumming or yoga day get in touch by return email

or call us on 020 7463 2234 or 07956 573 470 to find out more.

Combined days also available

Schools we have worked with include:

King Alfred School, Hasmonean Primary School, Fitzjohns Primary School, Rushmore Primary (Hackney), Channel School Folkestone, Hampton Junior School, Kingsbury PRS, Slough Grammar School, West Nottinghamshire College, Chennestone School, Beis Yaakov, Southfields Primary School,
Torah Vodaas School, Batchwood School, Brookhill Nursery, Grateley School Andover, Argyle School

Kind regards,

Neil Ailon Freedman,
Joodoo Drums

Southbank House,
Black Prince Road,
London, SE1 7SJ.

Tel: 0207 463 2234       
M: 07956 573 470  

 “The children were focussed from the start, the management of the day was excellent,
the sessions finished punctually and the kids were highly engaged and excited to learn”

“A brilliant way to motivate the children, keep them learning and engaged”

“We have received nothing but positive feedback from the day regarding the session and the trainer, who was fantastic; not only was he highly skilled, but was full of infectious enthusiasm throughout all the workshops.”

“Your drumming visit is the talk of lower school, they loved it. Thank you for a wonderful day.”

“One of the best externally-facilitated events we have ever had.  Great for motivation, group work and fun-based learning.”