Fossil Hunter


Become a real palaeontologist by hunting for fossils in gravel.
Use tweezers, hand lens and identification card to learn about the fossils you find.
Fossil Hunters keep 6 fossils plus A5 Identification card.
Kits available for 50 or 100 goes
Make a profit of up to 80

Fossil Hunter
Rock Shop


Order before 11th May to get a 2nd free Raffle Prize

Sell a great selection of minerals and fossils at your school fair and make a profit for your PTA. Everything is in the box so you can be up and running in no time at all:

A great selection of fossils & minerals
Fact sheets and pouches for all items sold
Free raffle prize, table sign & prices plus instructions
Sale or Return
Make a profit of up to 80

Raffle Prize
Panning for Gold


This has proven to be a really popular activity for school fairs.
Its great value and kids love it.
Kits available for 50 or 100 Prospectors.
Each "Gold Prospector" keeps gold chunks in a pouch
charge just 50 pence a go

Panning for Gold
Treasure Map


Can you guess where the treasure has been hidden?
Charge just 30p a go for a chance to find the hidden
treasure somewhere on the map.
Win a wooden pirate treasure chest filled with gemstones.
Sell all 288 grid squares and make a profit of up to 69.

Treasure Map

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or visit our website:

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