Junior Geo Rock Shop Stall


Rock Shop Fundraising Stall
A Junior Geo Rock Shop Stall gives you the chance to sell fossils and minerals at pocket-money prices.
To date over 2,000 UK schools have run a stall at their fair.
Our Kits contain everything you need to set up and run your stall.

  • A super range of affordable high quality fossils and minerals.
  • Junior Geo fact sheets and velvet pouches for all items.
  • Free prize for your raffle stall.
  • Instructions, table sign & price stickers.
  • Make up 50 or 100 profit.
  • Sale or return terms for 30 days after your event.
    Click HERE for more details.
  • Pirate Treasure Map Fundraiser
    Find the hidden treasure on 'Fossil Island' - An ideal activity for indoor events.
    This large full colour map measuring 70x50cm has over 250 grid squares.
    Charge just 20p a go for a chance to win a wooden pirate chest filled with gemstones.
    Make up to 40 profit.
    Kits include full instructions. Prices start at 8.99.
    Click HERE for more details.

    Panning for Gold and Gems Fundraiser
    Our panning kits are always a hit with children.
    Sieve for gold or gems and keep your treasure in a pouch.
    Kits include gold chunks or gemstones, pouches, sieves and instructions.
    Charge just 50p a go. Its great fun.
    Click HERE for more details.

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