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Kgatholoha Tourist Centre


Dear Head of Geography

I would like to invite your school to Vredefort Dome in South Africa.

Vredefort Dome was formed more than two billion years ago a meteorite 10 km in diameter hit the earth about 120 km south west of Johannesburg greating an enormous impact crater, with a radius of 190 km.

The dome is known for geographical formations called the Vredefort Structure and has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The meteorite caused a thousand megaton blast of energy. The impact would have vaporised about 70 cubic kilometres of rocks and may have increased the earth oxygen levels to a degree that made the development of multi-cellular life possible.

We focus on:

  1. Geography
  2. History
  3. Nature conservation
  4. Eco-adventures
  5. Educational talks

With us you will experience one of the most unique geographical  formations in a historical area which has been declared South Africa's 7 World Heritage Site.

Cost for one week for a group of 45 students is around £3,000 per student including return flight, accomodation, travel insurance, transport and food.

Your tourist guide
Jafta Sekaleli
Kgatholoha Tourist Centre




Kgatholoha Tourist Centre, 5 Old Town Hall Cross Street, Kroonstad, South Africa












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