Dear Head teacher, DSL and Safeguarding Governor,

KidSafe UK's primary purpose is to empower children to speak out about any situation that may be impacting on their mental health and emotional well-being.  This helps minimise the short and long term harm associated with any form of abuse. We provide very effective programmes enabling children to keep themselves safe without shattering their innocence.  This builds resilience and self-esteem for our children.

Many schools in North East England are already successfully using KidSafe in their schools. Visit for a full list of current KidSafe UK registered providers.

We are very pleased to let you know that the KidSafe UK Training Kit is now available for all schools to access.  We are delighted to be able to offer you a 10% discount to register and access our materials.

KidSafe UK registered providers use KidSafe UK programmes to enable staff to teach children directly in an age-appropriate way how to keep themselves safe. 

The KidSafe UK Training Kit can be used by any member of school staff for delivery to pupils in primary and special schools from late Y1 to Y6 with a differentiated EYFS version of the main programme (FP1). In addition to fully scripted lesson plans schools are provided with all resources needed for effective delivery.  The comprehensive 6 hour programme educates children to deal with issues such as saying 'No' to peers; bullying; computer/internet safety including inappropriate games and films; keeping our bodies and private places safe; how to deal with parents/carers arguing (domestic abuse); positive mental health and emotional well-being. Also included are two stand alone cyber bullying prevention workshops.

Once a school has become a KidSafe registered provider a follow on programme is available (FP2) with 11hrs teaching for Y2,3, 4 and 12hrs teaching for Y5 upwards. This expands on FP1 broadening and deepening children’s understanding of how to keep themselves safe. It educates children to deal with issues around healthy choices; difference; peer pressure; harm and damage as a result of viewing and playing games and films over their age; anger; domestic abuse; developing positive mental health and emotional well-being.

The KidSafe UK programme comprehensively meets Ofsted & KCSiE 2016/18 inspection criteria in relation to safeguarding. Evidence where KidSafe matches Ofsted & KCSiE requirements is provided.  KidSafe UK programmes can be used for PSHE and include material to address positive mental health and emotional well-being of children.  The programmes make a significant contribution to the RSE curriculum excluding sex education.  In the KidSafe UK Training Kit is a unit specifically looking at a whole school approach for safeguarding our children. This is suitable for delivery to staff as an inset/twilight session.

The KidSafe UK Training Kit can be purchased for a one-off fee directly from our website's online shop - We are currently offering schools a 10% discount. If purchasing the Kit online, please use the following code: KIT10. The code can be applied to your order within the shopping cart or during checkout. Alternatively, you can call us on 015395 34767 or email us at 

We have attached a leaflet outlining further details of the KidSafe UK Training Kit and what it includes.

You can visit our website to access videos from professionals who have the KidSafe UK programme in their school including a head teacher, DSL, school counsellor and a KidSafe UK deliverer. There is also children's feedback and an overview of the KidSafe UK programme. 

We would be very happy to present further details about KidSafe and what it offers schools at a head teacher cluster meeting or any safeguarding conferences. Please contact us if you would like us to do this.

If appropriate, please feel free to forward this email to other colleagues and do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.

Kind regards

Val Webb & Jude Walker KidSafe UK  Co-founders

‘It’s the only safeguarding training I’ve ever done that takes it directly into the classroom.’   ‘KidSafe UK offers schools a cost effective, robust structured approach to how we safeguard children.’  head teachers stated.

‘It is amazing for kids to learn how to keep safe’ ‘I know what to do if something goes wrong’   ‘I wish we had longer time with KS doing more lessons.’ children stated.

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