Dear Curriculum Leader/Phase Leader,

I am writing to tell you about my new website. Knight Owl contains downloadable teaching resources for Early Years and KS1. Knight Owl is a developing site and new resources are added each week.

As a teacher of 30+ years, I know how hard you and your colleagues work and I hope my resources will help in your delivery of the National Curriculum.

Check out these resources:

  • Letter and Sounds PowerPoints for Phases 1-5 to deliver daily phonics sessions for the whole week.
  • English PowerPoints to support grammar lessons for Years 1 and 2.
  • Maths PowerPoints to support mental and oral starters.
  • Science PowerPoints that cover KS1 programmes of study.
  • Foundation Stage PowerPoints supporting ELGs.

Look out for the ‘freebies’ to see if ‘Knight Owl’ is for you!

I would be grateful if you could pass this email onto your colleagues.
Good luck for the new term.

Knight Owl Teaching Resources

Knight Owl Teaching Resources, P0 Box 321, Palmers Green, London N14 4YD