New Educational TV Experience for BBC2

Dear Headteacher

I am contacting you from the TV production company Label1, producers of BAFTA nominated ‘Hospital’ (BBC2), 'School' (BBC2) and 'Monkman & Seagull genius guide to Britain' (BBC2)

We are making a new factual, family entertainment show for BBC2. This new format will follow families from all over Britain as they go head-to-head in a battle to find the brainiest!

It's a warm-hearted show, which celebrates incredible families and explores their dynamic as they work together to take on a series of highly compelling challenges, puzzles and gameplay. Showcasing the many skills and talents that define modern day intelligence, the programme will promote logic, reasoning, strategy and creativity whilst engaging families in healthy competition.

We hope it will be a valuable educational experience for all involved.

Here are the links to our flyers which detail how parents and families can apply:
  Click here for poster in English
  Click here for poster in Welsh

I'd be very grateful if you would consider circulating our flyer around your school or for parents in your newsletter or via your social media channels. Filming takes place in the February half term so please help us spread the word as soon as possible.

Many thanks and kind regards

Nykki Parker
Label1 Casting Team

Label1 Television Ltd, 1st Floor, 55 New Oxford Street, London, WC1A 1BS